Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to All.

We are off for a lovely breakfast with friends and will be put the kiddies presents from the Gparents under the tree tonight. Christmas day plans include a Dawn Mountain ski, wilst stuffing our guts full of turkey in the late afternoon at Glenn and Katherines.

Merry Christmas All.

A holiday bike brought to you by Gucci. Like ayone in their right mind wouldn't want that under a tree.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Back in the saddle

Oh glory days. With the minus 30 weather behind us I feel like getting on my bike again. Just doing errands tonight brought a huge smile back to my face. I wasn't that intersted in participating in two wheeled transportation efforts over the last week but it is feeling great to back in the saddle again.

Plus...I laid down the biggest skid of my life on Annabelle tonight on our ice covered streets.

I'll try and take a photo in the next bit.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Phew........I really missed X-Files

Oh, X-Files was a weekly ritual for my friends here in Golden ten years ago. I absolutely was obsessed and I must say the last movie was right on point with classic X. I forgot how down right sexy Scully is. They played their parts perfectly. Great story, just enough blood and mystery. The token creepy sections with startling discoveries. 5 for 5. Go see it. If you are a fan of the original series. If not, it likely won't have the same shelf appeal.

Ah winters here.

Well for the Hudsons and our 114 year old house we are having a frosty Cjhristmas so far with -33 wind chill outside providing us with some frozen bathroom pipes, a 4 degee inside temp and a mild concern of our house going up in flames as we have every heater in the house on 24 hour duty. I see a woodstove oin our near future.

Yes, woodstoves are almostv outlawed in Golden due to the many inefficient stoves causing major air pollution issues, especially during these cold snap inversions. But....I have to think about it in teh context of; my family needs to be warm!

Yes there are a billion renos to do on our place but there of course is only so much time and money. Right now, a wood stove is hgh on the priority list.

Our upstairs is actually balmy with the electric baseboards.

Oh well. We live in a cold climate. We should know better.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

That's where I am !

Sorry folks for not too many posts. If you want to see what I'm up to check out the nordic club blog.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Is there room for a little townie race in our little town....HELL YA!

Oh I think there is one townie race remaining in Golden for the season. I don't know if I could get anyone out for it but the poster is already beginning to appear in my mind. A dusting of snow perhaps, world longest skid mark perhaps, revitalize the lost alleycat which never was to be. Damn scheduling problems. This will all lead up to a hockey match on the ice, no holds barred no spokes will be left standing. Wahaahaaa, waahaaahaaaa, waaahaaahaaa.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oh Crap......

I can't believe I forgot about the World Indoor Cyclocross Championships of the World over in Calgary. Crap...crap...crap....double crap. I bet it was awesome. That's what I get for not putting it in my damn daytimer. Damn my daytimer. Damn, damn, damn.

OK I feel a bit better.

No I don't... crap.

Monday, November 3, 2008

New Snow, Sun and Great Skiing!

WE got about 5cms overnight and got out grooming a bit late as we had to fly out a Biathlete who injured her ankle yesterday. The snow is nice a firm underneath a nice new dusting making for an unbelievable day to ski. The team just came in so I think I'll go for a boot after lunch. I love it up here. I wish I could bring Dana and the kids up here for some winter wonderland. I sure hope that Sovereign gets some snow as I'll be a bit jealous if John is back up here next weekend with Biathlon Canada. We are getting hits on the site from all over the world right now and Faster Skier, Ski Trax Magazine and are all covering our camps up here. Check em' out. WE have the best conditions in North America right now. We are definately on the International XC skiing radar now.!!!!!!

Plus, everyone is loving the skiing.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

It officially ski season!!!!

Ah transition time. It hit this weekend with me up at Golden Alpine Holidays Sentry Mountain Lodge. We have an Altitude Training Center here in the fall and spring. We are currently skiing at 2200m and have about 2.5 km groomed for both classic and skate. It sure feels nice to be on, and in, snow again. We have Foothills Nordic in from Calgary right now and will switch over to Alberta World Cup Ski Academy until Wednesday. I sure hope we get some new snow. It is pretty firm now after a full day of rain yesterday. We still skied and it was great. Bring on the snow!!!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Active Transportation Comes To Golden

I must say that all of this past week wasn't crap. There was a public forum on Active Transport in teh Golden area with pedestrian, cycling, skateboarding and whellchair accessibility in the spotlight. There were three political representatives there as well and hopeful it has opened their eyes to the concept of design for non motorized use.

Luke let me know that there will be a review board established to address the issues of teh entire community relating to active transport and this really makes me so proud to be living in this little town of ours. As a cycling for transportation advocate I really hope that this group will be able to steer the town in a direction which ill create manageable and well thought out transportation links for cyclists and pedestrians.

Through more active programs hosted by the GTBF we can really create a logical and efficient cycling concept for Golden. More classy bike racks, more cheap bikes, and more people seeing cyclists on our streets. Make them socially aware that cyclists are vehicles too. That will only come with adequate signage, driving lane restrictions and positive community involvement.

Time will tell. I'm just glad to see there are other people on the same page as me in our beautiful town.
In the mean time. Make room for a hat under your helmet, slap on some fenders and lights and get ready for fall riding in Golden. Cold Mornings, cool afternoons and snow capped peaks, it really is hard to beat.

My Crap Ass Trip to Calgary

I had to make a trip into Calgary on Wednesday to pick up a ski team tent and organize our winter team expenses with Gord Glass, the Swix and Fischer rep. We were able to get our skis and team suits ordered up and get a screaming good deal on them. On the way from there I was in a car accident on McLeod Trail and (around) 120 Ave. For some miracle of nature I came out unscathed.
I was driving behind a Land Rover with a 40(ish) year old woman and her 10(ish) year old son in the back. In front of them was a truck pulling a flat deck trailer with a load of aluminum pipes. For some reason the pipes were caped on one end and the caps were facing downwind (at the back of the trailer). The wind must have caught a four of these pipes and flung them off the flatdeck. Both the driver in front of me and I saw it happen and slammed on our brakes to avoid a collision. When the woman slammed on her bakes the front end of her vehicle dropped down and acted as a ramp for the pipe to crash through her windshield, killing her instantly. The boy in the backseat suffered neck injuries and was not in good shape. The second pipe flew up over her vehicle and came straight at me only to land almost perpendicular to my car and roll under the front wheels where it flew up and smashed out the front grill of a Ford truck. Two others ricocheted off of the front of the Land Rover and bounced across to the other lane on the right punching a whole in the rear passenger door of a car beside me and the last one bouncing off in to the ditch across three lanes of traffic. There were also a couple cars behind the Ford that ended up in very mild fender benders due to the high speed reductions.

I have to say that was one of the scariest moments of my life and don't really think I will be over it for a long time to come. I just can't believe that I came through it without a scratch on myself or my vehicle for that matter. I think there is likely a small dent at least under the car but I haven't really taken the time to look. It drives fine , without any shimy or mis-alignments that I can see or feel. I was at the accident scene for almost and hour and a half before I was free to go. I gave them all of my information but have not heard anything back yet? I guess I'll just wait and see if I need to go back over for a hearing or something related to the idiot construction worker who improperly secured his load. That guy will have nightmares for the est of his life.

After that I got in to the car and got out of the city as fast as I could heading back out on the 22x the way I came in, to avoid all of the traffic. But, coming down the Field hill towards Golden some guy in front of me drove over a huge rock in the middle of the road and tore a hole in his gas tank belching gas all over the road. So....I stopped and drove him down to Field where he could call for a ride. A cleanup crew drove past me just before I dropped down into Golden, so they must have been alerted to the spill.

I got home at 8 and was never happier to get out of our car. I'm just happy to be alive through that one.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Golden Nordic Ski Club Blog

Yup, like I don't have enough going on......This will actually make life sooo much easier. If members are interested in being kept up to date just sign up as a follower and off we go. Go have a look and stay informed. Become a follower so I don't look an idiot!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fro Sho

Oh, Julian got to live out a long time fantasy today be displaying a wicked blue hawk at school for "Wacky Hair Day". I must admit if I actually had hair I would have done it too. It looks good on him. He definately does not have the badass gene. He just looks darn cute.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Posting Delinquency and the Busy Fall

After being sick for an official week now I thought I should get something up here. I've been feeling bad that I have been a bit of a slacker in regards to the blog of late. As fall arrives, the leaves drop, snow touches the mountain tops and courses start up I can't help but wish that all of this green and yellow would fade away beneath a thick blanket of white. The ski team had a great training session on Thursday and we will be going on one of our last leisure days (a two hour bike ride through the freshly fallen leaves) before we head into hard training season.

There is a lot coming up this fall. We will be completing our three bridges which includes a great rehabilitation project on a now closed down section of trail, will be constructing a bunch of fencing and v-boards for races and club events, begin designing and funding hunting for our proposed day lodge project, am planning our first major race event which will be a cooperative effort with KHMR to help prove to them that XC is a very big part of the land base surrounding the resort, 3 courses coming up (two Zone4 computer courses and a Cross Country Canada Facilitator Course), a BC Talent Squad Camp and keeping up with three days a week of ski team training.

This is all in the next two months!!! Oh and then there is Membership and Rabbit Registration nights , two waxing clinics, four ski courses and my birthday!!!!

A busy two months are coming up but it's all worth it. I can't wait to get on snow with the team. I should see my new skis in the next few weeks, 2 prs of Carbonlites and an RCS Crown. I may be trying out the new Fischer boots as well. Not sure yet. We have also arranged for a free tent for the team at events this year to go with my sideline job with Fischer/Swix as their race service tech rep for the Kootenays. I hope I can spend more time working with them this season.'s late and my eyes are gluing shut so off I go.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Cat Came Back, The Very Next Day......

Mmmmm... winter approaches and word on the street, well from All Cat Services in Kelowna is that our snowcat will be heading back to Golden fairly soon here. With 25G's of upgrades she should be rarin' to go for this season. New hydraulics, two new tracksetter attachments and a wack load of upgrades means that I shouldn't have to be sitting on a sled at 25 below grooming for 9 hours at a time. I should be playing tunes via sattelite radio and grooming in a Tshirt at minus 25 for four hours instead. Bring on the grooming. Bring on the snow.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

When things go.........

I have to admit, its was really difficult this weekend seeing my observatory leave my back yard. I invested in my telescope about five years ago and was able to pick up a fantastic dome observatory for next near to nothing. I have been spending the day pondering why I feel so shitty. I have spent an unbelievable amount of time out in that observatory. It was there when my kids were babies and I held them up to the eyepiece to gaze at the moon, it was the scope that started the Perseids Meteor Shower event up on Mt 7 and then progressed over to KHMR where we had over 140 people this year. I have spent late nights out during the winter when it was -30 degrees and bundled up in ten layers of clothes to stay warm . IN fact that scope has probably had about 1000 different pairs of eyes gaze through it over the years. I have been fortunate enough to draw and catalogue over 150 night sky objects and have been to a bunch of great star parties making some great, while quirky friends. I feel like a big part of my life is over. I am out of the industry forever, much like I often feel when it comes to bikes as well. While obsessions come and go, read bike polo, appreciation for the universe seems to trump them all. Will I forget about the night sky.....I sure hope not. What it will force me to do is work hard for the observing that will be done. I still have a VERY small telescope which should provide enough light grasping power to see the full Messier list, a group of objects first observed 100's of years ago. What this decrease in technology, aperture and comfort may do for me is rekindle a love which seems to have disappeared this past year.

Sure I can relate this whole blurb to the real world of life, love and family. I have managed to fuck up alot of stuff in my life this past year while creating a new job for myself which I am truely loving. I do take things to the extreme when I do things, as my wife will assuredly attest. Do I really need a specific bike for playing Bike polo? Do I really need an arsenault of XC skis to enjoy my ski experience. And lets not mention the hoards of two wheeled non motorized peopel carriers in my back yard.

We all seem to need and want more. That's what makes the world go round. I think I'm ready for a change. Our basement is full of stuff we haven't used in at least five years, I have a huge collection of tools in the shed which do nothing but collect dust.

While present obsessions will eventually flutter away I do have true passions which are easily visible in our home. While they don't really cost much (ie. skis/bikes) do I need a reality check.

I feel a yard sale coming on.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Post Ramsay Bowl Weekend

The trip to Calgary was fantastic. I'm paying for it now on so many levels but had a fantastic time and learned a tonne. Those boys are on fire over in Calgary on their fixies. Kudos to Justin for putting on such a great event. Also a big congrats to the boys of Easy Van (Rory, Ken, and Pieter) for takin' home the big prize in a screamer final. Unbelievable. Oh and thanks for stopping by on Thursday night and leaving some blood on our courts.
My back wheel was taken out by an out of control mtn biker at teh event and I left some skin but all in all came out unscathed. The wheel cover saved my butt more than once and saved a few screamer goals.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Last polo practice before Ramsay....excited!!!!

Had a great night on the court. Had a few too many mishaps and have a bloody hand to prove it. I'm not sure if I'm pushing harder and getting better or pushing harder and sucking more? The covered wheel worked like a hot damn tonight and even used it on a couple occasions to deflect shots. More things to learn. Adrian came out tonight with a friend and they played very well. He brought his camera and ook a bunch of shots. Hopefully a couple will turn out. If I can get a couple I'll post them here and on the GTBF Facebook Group. It is taking me longer to get into the polo zone than before. I was playing pretty sloppy for about an hour today before I was getting accurate. I'll have to get a good warm up in prior to our games if possible.

Fixed and Free with the SRAM Torpedo Hub

Fixed and Free with the SRAM Torpedo Hub

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Monday, September 8, 2008

It's polo time people!!!!

The bike is ready to go for Calgary. Hopefully my front wheel holds together after this weekends Sunday bash up and also that I don't loose my cog as I still don't have a lock ring. All will work out just fine. Now I just hope we don't get destroyed!

HammerSchmidt + e13 ISCG adapter =SWEETNESS!

I have been throwing around the idea of the new HammerSchmidt drive system for a fixie and sure that it will work. The HammerSchmidt has just been released by Truvativ as a front derailleur replacement system which utilizing a single ring up front with a system of pawls, worm gears and other doo-hickies to create both a 1:1 drive and a 1:1.6 drive all while maintaining tension on your chain. This in effect would create a 24tooth and a 38tooth ring all in one.

This would allow say a bike polo rider to shift on the fly from an easy ratio to accelerate and manoeuvre to a larger ring for covering distance quickly all with the flick of a shifter. This really though has the potential to offer a segment of the market (commuters, singlespeeders, couriers) the chance to have a tensioned system with two gear ratios. Very Cool. The system requires an ISCG mount (used in chain tensioners for DH bikes) but through e13, a rapidly dominating chain tensioner company, you can purchase an ISCG adapter to fit any bike. The only issue is the requirement of a flanged outer shell on your bb to hole the adapter in place. These bb's could become a hot commodity among the commuter community much like the steel road frames from the 80's have become so popular again for singlespeeders and fixie riders.

Who knows if this will take off but I sure as hell am going to try and get my hands on one. At this point they are only making the HammerSchmidt for the DH, Freeride and All Mountain crowd but if there is enough interest from the commuting community it has the potential to create a whole new drive train option. Imagine an 8 spd internal freehub with a HS up front. 16 speeds and all basically internal without a derailleur in sight. Is this the beginning of the end for the derailleur, quite possibly. Also STurmey Archer has come out with a 3spd fixed hub (I drool). With that setup you could create a spd fixie. That's absolutely insane. Now is there a market for 6 spd fixies, probably not but it sure is cool.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Golden XC Invitational

I really don't think there's achance in hell that we'll use this for our poster but playing around with it was a heck of alot of fun. We are hsting a joint race with KHMR on Nov29-30th. It is going to be very cool with a night sprint race on the Friday evening followed by awards and a BBQ and then Saturday starts off with a classic time trial and the a team relay. Lets hope for snow!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ben the Aussie wizard.....

We really were wondering what the hell we were doing there in the pouring rain. We were soakd to the bone in about five minutes so just decided to keep playing. It was actually a great match and definately was fun doing fixie skids in the puddles and soaking your competitor with a spray of water from your mallet.

First Polo Pic

Squaring off with Tony in the rain.

Golden Alley Cat Poster (Sept 19th)

Check out the upcoming event poster. Very high tech and sophisticated.

Commuter Bike Shootout

With September brings the release of the 2009 bike line up for many of today's best bike companies. I am looking into the best commuter bikes, fixie and single speed offerings and the occasional new super bike. I spent too many years in the bike retail world to really give a crap about the hundreds of 5x5, 6x6 offerings. They really are all so similar today that it comes down to their fancy paint jobs to sell them. As I am aging (I'm only 33) I really am changing my cycling focuses. Gone are the days where hurtling myself down mountain faces on big DH bikes and even the All Mountain type of bikes seem really excessive. I'm thinking of 29'ers, cross bikes and commuting bikes more than anything. I really enjoyed riding my cross bike on the cross country trails this year and was easily keeping up with my friends on their long travel cross country bikes. No I wasn't going downhill as fast but that doesn't really matter to me.
As I spend more time riding with the kidlets I really enjoy spending time relaxing on the bike. I have more than enough fast time when training with the ski team three days a week, with polo and skiing coming I'm not that worried about exercise. I want to get a great steel commuter frame that is a 3 or even 8 spd internal hub with fenders and racks, lights, etc......Actually I really would love to go with a 3 spd hub on my fixie from sturmey that has a wooden fender setup.

I'm going to redo my blue townie I think and upgrade to some skinnier tires and narrower fenders. Replace the rusty stem with a nice fresh chrome one, maybe a moustache bar and a new coat of paint. Def a new chain and rebuild the BB. It is a dump bike with nothing done to it in about 4 years. She's due. That's right I always seem to forget the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle rule even when it comes to cycles.

It's finally stopped raining I'm goin to mow the lawn and listen to DNTO. CBC Forever!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Golden Cycling

I truely love cycling in all of its forms. I to have a certain affinity for townie bikes and unusual cycles. Being in a small town you don't really get the same amount of commuting bikes as in the city. That's what I thought anyway until I actually went looking for some nice old bikes. There are tonnes and I am considering starting a blog for small town commuters. The web is full of incredible blogs relating to urban commuting but there is a distinct lack of blogs on cycling in smaller communities. While most of the ideas are relevant to non urban commuters there is more of an effort required to get the attention of small town community members to get out of their vehicles and ride. Perhaps we can start the pro bike movement with the Townie Fraternity and Bike Polo events. The bike club so far seems really focused on trail development and are not necessarily interested in bicycle advocacy. Well regardless I am going to try and get a movement towards bike commuting in little ol' Golden. If anyone has ideas for cycling advocacy please let me know. Here are a couple Golden bike pics. Love the Fuzzy!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sturmey Archer 3-Speed Internal Fixed Hub

Sturmey Archer 3-Speed Internal Fixed Hub

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Dawn Mountain In The Summer

Bridge #3

A Steel girder up on lock blocks creates a bridge that will be there far longer than I likely will. We had to use lock blocks here as this has washed out before and is rather wide. The lock blocks are set into the ground 6" above high water mark and was rehabilitated very nicely by Brian. Here are a couple shots of that bridge.

Bridge #2

This one was the wood pilings and is unbelievably tough. The logs that are sitting atop the large cross log are tie backs which go back from the main support log. These keep the support log from rolling away should there be a massive flood. What you can't see is another 27" log beneath these logs. Its not going anywhere. Nice grading on either side too.

Bridges are mostly done, just need to plank two of 'em.

Welll after a week and a half of building we have finished (well......mostly) our three main bridge projects. It was quite the feat. We had five days of fish window where we were legally aloud to cross streams with machinery. This was required to construct the footings fore the three different bridges. There is one that is entirely wood stringers and sill logs on lockblocks, one that is steel on a wood piling , and one that is steel stringers on lock blocks. Three different builds for three bridges. It was a tonne of fun and a great learning experience. The job once complete turned out unbvelievable. Thanks to Brian Lundstrom and Scott Millward for all of their great hoe work. Here area few pics of the project. This series is the installation of the first and biggest bridge. You will see that we did ae rather large amount of reclamation as well in the area. I'll post a few more of this bridge when I get a couple more pics. I ran out of room on my camera today.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I have a own a Chrome Bag

Yup, I do believe that Chrome makes the baddest bags out there and the roll top messnger pack is completely kickass. I want someone in town to carry them so I can pick one up. Here is a pic of the dream bag. Maybe I'll talk to Darkside.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Batavus "Old Dutch"

If you want to spend a bit more and get the real thing imported from Holland check this stunning steed. Indeed a step up in quality, but really they have two wheels and both will get you from A to B in about the same time. Can't help falling in love though....... The Batavus is high quality Eoropean craftsmanship with that unique Northern Europe flair. You will have to put out a fair bit more cash though at around $875.

The Bike to Save the World: The KHS Green

If there ever was a utilitarian product to change the world it would have to be the KHS Green introduced in 2007. I just came across this bike about a month ago and have come to love its simplicity, functionality and grass roots beauty. While this bike doesn't have disc brakes, 57 speeds, big balloon whitewall tires or a flashy paint job based on the now dated fad of the chopper/cruiser, what it does offer is European styling which is functional and fashionable in it's own sense. Come on, black goes with everything. While I lust for a Dutch or Swedish city bike, really..... why pay $2000 when you could spend under $300.

I am going to do my best to get my hands on one of these soon and give it a review to try and spread the word to the masses. I think this would be the ultimate rental bike for a flat community, would be an affordable mode of transportation for most, comes in Ladies and Mens styles and comes in three stylish colours. Black, black and black.

If there was a way to create a community bike program it would be a fleet of these beauties. So have a closer look at this bike. Oh and it even comes with fenders, kick stand, rear carry rack, bell, rear wheel lock and 700c wheels. Shimano Nexus 3 speed internal hub is the standard commuting shifter system and is bulletproof. The only thing I would personally do is switch out to a moustache bar or a arc bend bar to give it a bit more wrist pleasure.

Sunday: Goin' to the pool.

I'm buying Carter a new phone. We didn't get together Sat night for a polo round but had a great sesh with the Golden crew and may have put together a second team to take to Calgary for Ramsay. We're all playing well. Myself however was suckin' ass after swimming for four hours prior to showing up. We played a great game then the guys headed out for a few beers, which ended up being a 3am escapade. I tried Sean after polo to get together for beers but didn't happen. I was home by 10:30 as I had a sitter to get out fof the house for the night and thought it a waste of money for me to ride around to all the bars for hours trying to track them down.
Today we were going to get together so he could drop off a couple caps he picked me up and also REALLY wanted to get together just to say "hey". I blew off a sailing afternoon with Carl saying he'd be here for around 3:00 but by now 5:00 still no Carter. They must be gone by now. I'll take the kids to the pool instead. Too bad it's a textbook ripper day to be on the water on an ultra fast boat. DAMN. I just wish he used a public phone or stopped by Selkirk to call if the phone wasn't working. I am in the phone book. Ah well , I had a great morning roller skiing with the team and relaxed for about fourty minutes down at Bacchus on the patio. Unbelievable. Would have been great to see you this weekend Sean.

Dana's happy. I fixed the fence this afternoon instead.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Best Pancakes EVER!

Holy Crap Bags those were good P-Cakes this young man has ever made. Here's the recipe:

1 1/2 c. flour
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 c. milk
4 eggs
2 tbsp oil

(lots and lots of more than that.)
Come on over and partake. We supply the cakes you supply the Baileys.....hum.

Friday, August 22, 2008

OohLaLa...... Fresh Tubulars

I am no longer a tubular gluing virgin. With the first pair done hopefully they can stay on the rims for more than a day. They look so hot. Oh and looksy looksy is that the new spoke card looking oh so svelt. Why yes it is. This machine is ready for the court. Tomorrow will hopefully be installing my wheel cover. Coroplast for $6 at Home Hardware. I'm even narrowing down on a name for her. Be patient it will come to me soon.

I'm going to try and ride all winter on her avec fenders and maybe a front brake. OK maybe not a brake. So overrated.

Nighty Night.

As Goldenites we tend to forget about the rest of the world and how they travel and commute throughout their communities. It shames me seeing lifted F150's, people driving two blocks to get the mail or go to work. I am not without blame here, I do, far too often drive when I could walk. I am trying to reduce my time in our vehicle. I do require it for work as i am back and forth from the mountain regularly but could I ride share, take community transpotation or another approach. The Town of Golden just received a rather large amount of money to be used for bike paths and pedestrian walkways. We need to ensure that we, as cyclists are taken into consideration when this money is spent. Our main challenge is getting over the downtown bridge. The bridge was built in the 50's without a thought to a bike lane. There is no room to create its own bike lane but we should be able to create a safe on-your-bikre passage here. While I have never been shy to make my presence known to vehicles as I drive over the bridge, usually riding down the middle of my lane we do have to take into consideration parents with small kids and more timid riders. Dana was riding over the bridge one day when one of our kids was still wee and in the Chariot. She was riding her 7spd town bike and began riding over the bridge. A car swung around the corner and cut it very close to the Chariot. Dana, fearing for our childs life, pulled further to the curb. One of teh wheels from the Chariot Child Carrier hit the curb and subsequently flipped he Chariot onto its side right on the bridge. The driver, oblivios to his actions continued on his way without even noticing the flipped child in the street. If he was a foot farther over towards the curb our child could be dead, without notice to that driver.

Golden Cyclists need to voice their opinions on this topic and should go into the Town Office to see the plan for which they intend to spend that money on. While it is important to have linked trails it should be stated that pedestrian safety is much more important of an issue than connecting a trail that is two kilometers from downtown. I hope to become involved with the plan. Unfortunately much of the planning is already done, without the formal consultation with commuters. I feel a considerable number of people would opt to ride or walk to work if there was a safe and simply approach to getting downtown. The pedestrian bridge does offer a great access and I do tend to go that way regularly BUT that does not help drivers to understand that bicycles are vehicles too.

Introducing good bike baths and access to downtown with improved bike rack placements will create an additional tool to get people out of their cars.

Next the bike shops need to get on board and offer two bikes to the community as commuting bikes. A mens and a womens edition are all trhat is needed. Fenders, rack, 3spd plain coloured and under $350. There are a number of choices out there. One of the most reasonable would be the KHS Green. A great value in a commuter. Cyclists are often just as rediculous as that guy in his jacked up truck. Riding around on a $3000 bike with their kids in the back. They are so paraniod that their bikes will get stolen that they drive instead. All you need are two wheels, not six inches of suspension to find your way through the streets of Golden. Sure we've got potholes but come on!

Finally we should create a community drop off point for old bikes where people can come in and pick out a used bike , fix it up themselves with the assistance of a qualified technician and walk out with a bike for under a $100. In order to get people riding again it has to be affordable and this technique is proven around the world. This action can be easily achieved now without even having a shop deal with it. I can't help[ but wonder what happened to all of those bikes at Charlie Beans place. I really hope they didn'yt all go to th edump. There could have been 100 communi9ty bikes available for FREE. The Community needs to start thinking about reusing and recycling of these old bikes. If there are enough of them around no one would need to steal them because everyone would have them.

Oh...and one more thing...let peopel pull bike sout of the dump. My townie that I've been riding for over five years now came out of there under a tarp and it pisses me off seeing all of those "zero emission vehicles" buried under dirt or crushed. We need to appeal to the dump that there should be a bike drop at the front end of the dump where bikes are cllected throughout the week and collected on the weekend for servicing to create yet more bikes for the community. Think...there are lots of options to promote healthy lifestyles and also to create transportation for members of the community without the capacity to do so on their own.

I'm done. I'm just starting to get pissesd off now.

New Polo League Spoke Card

Check it. I loved that 50's poster far too much not to use it. 4 polo sessions and the card is yours. Get on it folks. Seems we have a team to go to Ramsay Bowl in a couple weeks. We even have a game with a Calgary friend this weekend in Golden. Can't wait.

Oh you can also be a lame ass and buy one for $2 if you don't have what it takes to get into the ring. Sound intimidating (I've never intimidated anyone before).

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fall is in the air, so long summer.

A couple shots of the kiddies throughout the summer. I wish I could have been down on the coast with the kids and Dana for more than a day and a half. Oh well, next summer. We are going to try and do a trip to Drumheller before October for som Dino action and maybe take in the Alberta Star Party too. Dana and I made some cute babies.

Short Bars Improve Performance

A gag from Brooklyn Machine Works a while back makes this one of the best pics ever......

While shortbars make manouvering with a mallet significantly easier there might be a fine line between mallet reach and turnability. I think he has sacrificed a bit of turnability.

White Oury's are uber hot though. Whatever, everythings hot!

New Soma Stuff

I am mildly in love with Soma. They make some genuinely cool stuff and is re releasing a bunch of old kit that many people aren't doing anymore. While I won't be rushing out to buy a set of pink toeclips I will be investing in a set of their cranks sometime shortly. Check 'em out. You can link over yonder to the right.

Oh they have a new cycing cap too. Sweet.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Lightning Result

One more lightning strike in Golden tonight during the firestorm. WooHoo.

Three Very Frustrating Hours

I somehow managed to get the XP Antivirus 2008 Adware firmlyimplanted in my computer. It was flashing threat messages every thirty seconds and replaced my wallpaper with Upgrade Now messages.

I double clicked on an eCard by accident. Something I never open generally. Pretty much instantly I had the messages blairing saying that I had 1107 viruses. Constantly stating thta threats were continuing to pour in. It makeds it appear that the Antivirus program is a system program which just came out of no where to stop this terrible threat......dramatic.

After finding a great site to remove the adware, I went to it. I learned a ton and feel like a computer god. Really, I just read the instructions, something guys generally bypass. Who Cares.....................GOD.

Early Season Race A Go!!!!!

Had a meeting this morning with Kicking Horse and we are proceeding with plans for a Nov 29-30 race date. We will be holding a Night Skate Sprint race in Kicking Horse plaze right in front of the gondola and will have a BBQ afterwards. Accommodations packages through the resort and Vagabond Lodge will happen too. The following morning we will run a classic time trial followed in the early afternoon by a team relay. Will post more soon. Can't wait for snow.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beautiful Orlando Rat Race Spoke Card

Sunday Morning Bike Ride

We went for a great bike ride with the Bolt's this morning. This was Alex's second or third time on his Trail A Bike and he was lovin it. We went for a cruise around the new confluence trail and it is so nice in there. I'll take a couple pics there next time. We need to do more of these rides. Kirsten was showin off her Electra while Craig was dreaming of townies.