Friday, September 7, 2012

Pics from race weekend #1

Barrier hopping on Day 1 (Hospice Cross) 

The somewhat sketchy downhill when taken with big speed. Awesome Sauce fun.

Coming through on Lap5 with a big grin of anguish. The "once more up the run up" face.

Hopping barriers with my bud Sean Carter of BikeBike fame.

Finishing slightly spent.

Finishing strong on Day1 @ Hospice Cross

Coming through the corral and pave on Day 2 at Kicking Horse

I have to say that while the course at Kicking Horse was much more technically challenging I sure enjoyed it more. The first day offered a massive run up that destroyed my quads and rendered me completely spent on the last lap. Alternately on Day2 I went off the line much slower and built up momentum until I was feeling great by lap3. The problem was I just didn't get a good warm up in regardless of  riding the course twice prior the event. I need to get on rollers to get my heart rate up and to warm up efficiently. Will try that next race series.  Day two at KH was unbelievable with dirt, mud, wet grass and technical descents littered throughout the course. That was definitely my kind of course. Unfortunately a couple athletes said that racing the AB circuit really does not have any mud so... I will need to find some muddy races  :)

Can't wait for the next races. I'll post my race schedule here shortly. Mostly for you Dad!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First weekend in the bag.

While I was not breaking records or finding myself atop a podium I met all of my first race goals for the opening cyclocross weekend of the year here in Golden, the Kicking Horse Cup CX Series. My bike was an absolute dream (exploded pedal excluded) and all in all
my fitness for having spent a minimal amount of time training a race pace was satisfactory. Day 2 at KHMR actually was perfect for me. I made up a couple places and was able to stay on top of my bike. Mike put on a great event here and it has really got my ass in gear for finalizing my race schedule. I also never have decent shots of me participating in the sports that I love so this one was a great exception. I look legit! Thanks to my sponsor Derailed Sports and Team Mito for letting me fly the colours of change. Next stop Calgary in two weeks. 12 races to go!!