Sunday, May 31, 2009

Spring work weekend.

Our happy little home
The trees are blooming and smelling oh so good.

New Planter boxes for veggies only!!

Recycled Wood, community top soil and a whole lot of work make great veggie boxes.

27 wheelbarrow loads of top soil from our elderly Italian neighbors yard, 2 Subaru's full of sand, and Nates old framing from his roof have created two great new veggie plots which will have peas, tomatoes, beans, carrots, lettuce and radishes, We will build a third one (where the kids ricketty swing set is for potatoes next year.

I can't wait to have fresh garden veggies....mmmmmmm. The yard is filling up with flowers and the smell of spring is finally in the air.

Monday, May 25, 2009

oh, oh.....I've discovered Photoscape.

I'll never get anything done again. This is a great photo editing program. Check out my first test of a new race event poster for the DMC. Photo of Alex Harvey thanks to Dave Best.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ezra Caldwell and the Cancer Destroying Master of Wood

I just had a poke at the website of Ezra Caldwell. I have secretly been fantasizing about his fenders for a long, long time, pretty much since the site went live. Ezra is having his last round of chemo today after a nasty bought of cancer. I am so proud of that guy for breaking that evil viper and moving on to get married in Nova Scotia with his beloved.
Check out the handmade wooden handy work of Ezra at Fenders and bars built of hardwood goodness. Enjoy the cruise.

Monday, May 18, 2009

More disc golf pics

All she need now is a golf bag and she has herself a summer job.
Our beer baby making a solo trip down to the bottom of the course. It had a small upset along the way. No beer was harmed in the filming of this sequence.
The crew at about hole #8, only 30 more to go.

And then there was disc golf!!! Holy Frickin Fun!

Thats why I through a left hook. Damn. I think I need some video analysis of technique next time. Such a coach. Think I ended up 7 over par for my first disc golf game ever. I'm OK with that. We punched out the full 38 after many hours and many beers.
Julian became more interested in the cool frog than the disc golf. He's my science nerd through and through. Love It!!

M made new friends. That gnome is such a good listener. Meems had lots to say.

They both took to multi sport play quite well with Julian playing some pingpong and Amelia performing some gymnastics tricks.

We went for a drive down to Go Organic Disc Golf on Sunday for a great game with sunny skies and no bugs. You really can't go wrong.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Nasjonaldagen Norway!!!!!

Oh I wish I could be over in Oslo for all of the cool festivities going on right now. Have a great day Norway, I'm thinkin of ya!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yay...long weekends.

Spring has finally sprung with flowers blooming in the backyard
Whats an action packed day without a good breakfast of cakes and coffee!

Loaded up for a trip to the recycling depot with Julian. I need a Ute, this is only about a quarter of the load. Very tight. I'll save my recycling pennies.

On the path to the recycling depot, Julian ahead.

Dr. J taking control of the recycling situation.

We are off to pick up some sand for the bottom of our new veggie garden planter boxes with the kids grandpa. After that we're off to the pool!

Bicycle Friendly Business-Sustainable Employers

According to the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, San Francisco has seen a 43% increase in bicycle ridership since 2006 and 6% of all in-city trips are now made on a bicycle. And according to Transportation Alternatives, bicycling is the fastest growing mode of transportation in New York City with an increase of 35% from 2007 to 2008. No matter where you look, bike commuting is on the rise.
With this growing interest in bike commuting, more and more employers are offering incentives to those who give up the car and ride their bike to work. Yahoo, for example, provides company-owned loaner bikes, lockers, showers, onsite bicycle care, and free tune-ups to all of their employees. Discovery Communications (parent to the Discovery Channel) reimburses employees up to $350 toward the purchase of a new bicycle, while also providing secure bike parking.
The League of American Bicyclists has added a “Bicycle Friendly Business” program to accompany their more well-known “Bicycle Friendly Community” program. (You can view the full list of Bicycle Friendly Businesses by clicking here.) Following is an overview of how award recipients are chosen:
What is a Bicycle Friendly Business?A Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB) is a corporation, organization, association, or nonprofit that actively promotes bicycling for transportation, recreation, exercise, and sport. A BFB practices social responsibility by weaving bicycling into the business culture and gives employees the opportunity to be active stewards of their personal and environmental health through bicycling.
The Bicycle Friendly Business program evaluates applicants’ efforts to promote bicycling in four primary areas: encouragement, education, engineering, and evaluation. Examples of these measures include:
EngineeringSafe cycling access; bike racks for employees and guests; showers and lockers for commuters and lunchtime riders.
EducationBike-safety programs; mentorship for new commuters; and equipment tutorials.
EncouragementBenefits for bike commuters; paid mileage for trips made by bike; loaner bikes for errands and short trips; and earn-a-bike programs.
Evaluation: An assessment of what’s already being done and what to aim for in the future; in-house bike coordinators; and target ridership numbers. This is also the section to highlight your business’s unique programs and policies that promote and celebrate bicycling—from loaner bikes for short trips and in-house spin classes to supporting charity rides and sponsoring bike-racing teams.
What types of incentives does your employer offer bike commuters at your workplace? Do you have access to showers and secure bike parking? Are you offered reimbursements for purchasing bicycles and accessories? Do your company’s commuter benefits extend to include bicyclists? In general, do you feel as if your employer is doing enough or would you like to see more incentives and support? Let me know in the comment section below.

This is pulled from Eco Velo, a fantastic site definately oriented towards city commuting. This does not need to be the case. Let me know what you could do as an employer or what you would like to see your employer provide for you, here in Golden.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Swedish architects Tham & Videgård Hansson create beautiful green space.

Swedish architects Tham & Videgård Hansson have completed an apartment refurbishment in Stockholm with a colour scheme representing the changing seasonal colours in a nearby park.

The overlapping colours transform the layout of the apartment and add a new structure of spaces linked to each other across the original plan. The parquet floor also function as a uniting system that offer design possibilities. Once we had a set up of colours in different shades, we could develop each each room in relation to the others, every piece of parquet was defined to fit into the right postion, there was no random factor in the construction process.

I have always loved intersting and unique architecture and interior finishing from around the world. The greens are so powerful. It is an extra breath of fresh air seeing all of these colours coming to life in our community. Very, very cool.

Why are 7 year old Norwegian Kids Fast?

That's why!

This week is "Bike To Work Week"

Smart People Ride Bikes

Please people, get out of those damned cars and spend as much time as you can pedaling. While we all have our reasons for needing cars ( I have a bunch), for teh people who live within town limits we really don't need vehicles to pick up the mail, go shopping, get groceries and go for a cup of coffee. Golden is one of the flatest towns one could live in, Selkirk Hill and Pine Drive excluded. All they need are gears!

Don't be afraid to get a bit sweaty, or dusty, or healthy! It is good for you.

Golden Active Transport Blog coming soon

Creating well designed and community integrated cycling and pedestrian pathways are one of the largest mandates of GAT. This urban design creates safe passages for all types of commuters. This is urban lanscaping euphoria!
A large initiative will be the establishment of cycling lanes to allow safe and rapid passage through our community. Creating a town in which cyclists have the same rights to be on the road as any vehicle is key.

Golden Active Transport is a subcommittee working under the guidance of the Town of Golden to create a working document for increased infrastructure relating to cycling and walking in our community. There are numerous initiatives which the group will be focusing on so please have a look on the blog. I will post a link shortly. This is my new community service work since my former volunteering role turned into my job working for the Golden Nordic Ski Club, the best job ever! More to come soon.

Amaro Bike: Pure Yummy

I have no real use for a bike like this. The blend of black baloon tires, single speed, titanium, integrated post, drop bars and possibly the most beautifully fabricated fork I have ever seen, I feel, is still worth a post up here. I haven't posted a bike in at least four posts so I figured it was time. Click on it for a really big view. Cheryl... show this to Matt, you'll make him a happy boy.

Sarah Palin the Hunter (Sooo good)

I'm not sure if all of you have seen this painting but I am blown away by how much truth it holds. Since we don't have TV I really didn't realize what a lost soul she is, and not to mention, how completely unaware she was of her potential upcoming role as the VP. I've had this picture saved for about three months and just have not found the right time to throw it in. I couldn't wait any longer. It's so damned good.

Pool and Pizza

J-Man about to dive into his cheezy goodness pizza
Oh my god...they were sooooo good
First Bannock, second Pizzas, third the WORLD!

Julians first outdoor class of the year

Meems and dad post session with Tron woman in the background.

Ahhhhhh...............I know that you all know that we are Bannock pros now but we stepped it up tonight with homemade pizzas with the same dough. It was the best pizza I think I've ever had. I feel a personal pizza potluck coming on. This great dinner comes on the heels of our first day of swim team. Julian and Amelia are both in swim club this summer and this week marks the beginning of 5 days a week of wet towels and lost goggles. I can't wait till this weekend for the first day of public swim.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day Moms.....and moms to be!

I have to say that this weekend was quite the surprise having a whole whack load of friends roll into town. It is the first time I've actually been out for a nice dinner with friends in ages. We were celebrating Cheryl and Vanessa's B-Day. It also happens to be Laurie's birthday as well so it was a take over of the Kicking Horse Grill.

I forget how much I love hanging out with Cheryl and Matt. They're they best. And...Cheryl is about to be a new mom in mere seconds.

Best of all, Heidi made a surprise visit and has stayed with us the past two nights. It was the best surprise anyone could have given us. I sure do miss that girl now that she has a new life in Winnipeg. She is also 6 months pregnant and i was thinking this morning that she gets to have her first Mothers Day of her own next spring. I'm so excited for these babies to arrive. I'm a bit of a baby lover! It's no surprise to my close friends.

I also got an early morning call off to my mom and she sounded great. I wish I could be closer to her so she can hang with the kids a bit more often.

As for Dana. She is enjoying a quite sleep in morning while the kids and I are making cards and washing dishes...a chore neglected for the past couple days. Too much fun going on!

Have a great day ladies. Put your feet up and relax!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

And here I Thought we were innovative.

Check out the great polo shot from I think it said the 50's. That bar is sweet could be a bit sketchy for tight turns on our short court, but if she can make it look so sweet I should at least be able to ride from one end of the court to the other. Brought to you by the blog "Chicks and Bikes"

The latest concept for making Single Speed Worlds and getting rid of One Car!

With a brakes upgrade to a pair of old XTR's, a ring change to a 32t Truvativ with rock ring, and wheel upgrade to my XTR wheels I think this would work just fine for SS'ing it! Bars are great, needs a good saddle though. It would also make a super sick polo bike!!!!!!
One of the many cool features that you could create with the Kona Ute

My dream commuting woody station wagon. Definate upgrades: Dual discs, 8 spd internal hub, wooden fenders, extra cargo bag, light setup, Brooks saddle, double leg kickstand. Nice thing is though that these are all just extra fun features to add. Stock...this bike has everything I need to park a car and teach the benefits of commuting to the family and community. And oh...of course...that beer rack, that's just sick!

The plan is, if all of my ski kids come back, to invest in one mountain bike single speed and also to get rid of one of our cars. Being the chair of Golden Active Transport I feel like a bit of a hypocrite having two vehicles when we live in town. To decrease our carbon footprint we need to do ALL of our town stuff (recycling, groceries, collecting kids, etc) on a bike. The best option is to utilize a cargo bike of some sort. I would love to have an 8 speed internal hub cargo specific bike but question my real NEED for one. Its not like I am a business owner who would be utilizing it for work carrying boxes and boxes of gear so I have decided to look at the Ute. Its been on my mind for a couple years and I rode one in Vernon in the early spring and loved it.

So I may have the car replacement sorted but still need to come up with a SS Mountain bike. While I'm not overly concerned with weight I do want burly. I have an Oryx super light mid 90's XC bike that I will just fix up for an XC bike, so the SS bike I think is going to be the Kona Humuhumu. Have alook. Not guaranteed but looking close to the solution.

Bad Tony, bad bad Tony!!!

This is what happens when you shoulder check a guy twice as big as you. There is payback. It was all in good fun although I do feel a bruise coming on in the shoulder. Was it Tonys shoulder on mine or when my shoulder hit the pavement after flting through the air for five feet. Don't know. I do know that it's the best taco I've had in a good number of years. Good thing I have a spare wheel. Just don't wreck this one. I have no funds for polo bikes this summer.