Sunday, May 3, 2009

The latest concept for making Single Speed Worlds and getting rid of One Car!

With a brakes upgrade to a pair of old XTR's, a ring change to a 32t Truvativ with rock ring, and wheel upgrade to my XTR wheels I think this would work just fine for SS'ing it! Bars are great, needs a good saddle though. It would also make a super sick polo bike!!!!!!
One of the many cool features that you could create with the Kona Ute

My dream commuting woody station wagon. Definate upgrades: Dual discs, 8 spd internal hub, wooden fenders, extra cargo bag, light setup, Brooks saddle, double leg kickstand. Nice thing is though that these are all just extra fun features to add. Stock...this bike has everything I need to park a car and teach the benefits of commuting to the family and community. And oh...of course...that beer rack, that's just sick!

The plan is, if all of my ski kids come back, to invest in one mountain bike single speed and also to get rid of one of our cars. Being the chair of Golden Active Transport I feel like a bit of a hypocrite having two vehicles when we live in town. To decrease our carbon footprint we need to do ALL of our town stuff (recycling, groceries, collecting kids, etc) on a bike. The best option is to utilize a cargo bike of some sort. I would love to have an 8 speed internal hub cargo specific bike but question my real NEED for one. Its not like I am a business owner who would be utilizing it for work carrying boxes and boxes of gear so I have decided to look at the Ute. Its been on my mind for a couple years and I rode one in Vernon in the early spring and loved it.

So I may have the car replacement sorted but still need to come up with a SS Mountain bike. While I'm not overly concerned with weight I do want burly. I have an Oryx super light mid 90's XC bike that I will just fix up for an XC bike, so the SS bike I think is going to be the Kona Humuhumu. Have alook. Not guaranteed but looking close to the solution.

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