Sunday, August 24, 2008

Batavus "Old Dutch"

If you want to spend a bit more and get the real thing imported from Holland check this stunning steed. Indeed a step up in quality, but really they have two wheels and both will get you from A to B in about the same time. Can't help falling in love though....... The Batavus is high quality Eoropean craftsmanship with that unique Northern Europe flair. You will have to put out a fair bit more cash though at around $875.

The Bike to Save the World: The KHS Green

If there ever was a utilitarian product to change the world it would have to be the KHS Green introduced in 2007. I just came across this bike about a month ago and have come to love its simplicity, functionality and grass roots beauty. While this bike doesn't have disc brakes, 57 speeds, big balloon whitewall tires or a flashy paint job based on the now dated fad of the chopper/cruiser, what it does offer is European styling which is functional and fashionable in it's own sense. Come on, black goes with everything. While I lust for a Dutch or Swedish city bike, really..... why pay $2000 when you could spend under $300.

I am going to do my best to get my hands on one of these soon and give it a review to try and spread the word to the masses. I think this would be the ultimate rental bike for a flat community, would be an affordable mode of transportation for most, comes in Ladies and Mens styles and comes in three stylish colours. Black, black and black.

If there was a way to create a community bike program it would be a fleet of these beauties. So have a closer look at this bike. Oh and it even comes with fenders, kick stand, rear carry rack, bell, rear wheel lock and 700c wheels. Shimano Nexus 3 speed internal hub is the standard commuting shifter system and is bulletproof. The only thing I would personally do is switch out to a moustache bar or a arc bend bar to give it a bit more wrist pleasure.

Sunday: Goin' to the pool.

I'm buying Carter a new phone. We didn't get together Sat night for a polo round but had a great sesh with the Golden crew and may have put together a second team to take to Calgary for Ramsay. We're all playing well. Myself however was suckin' ass after swimming for four hours prior to showing up. We played a great game then the guys headed out for a few beers, which ended up being a 3am escapade. I tried Sean after polo to get together for beers but didn't happen. I was home by 10:30 as I had a sitter to get out fof the house for the night and thought it a waste of money for me to ride around to all the bars for hours trying to track them down.
Today we were going to get together so he could drop off a couple caps he picked me up and also REALLY wanted to get together just to say "hey". I blew off a sailing afternoon with Carl saying he'd be here for around 3:00 but by now 5:00 still no Carter. They must be gone by now. I'll take the kids to the pool instead. Too bad it's a textbook ripper day to be on the water on an ultra fast boat. DAMN. I just wish he used a public phone or stopped by Selkirk to call if the phone wasn't working. I am in the phone book. Ah well , I had a great morning roller skiing with the team and relaxed for about fourty minutes down at Bacchus on the patio. Unbelievable. Would have been great to see you this weekend Sean.

Dana's happy. I fixed the fence this afternoon instead.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Best Pancakes EVER!

Holy Crap Bags those were good P-Cakes this young man has ever made. Here's the recipe:

1 1/2 c. flour
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 c. milk
4 eggs
2 tbsp oil

(lots and lots of more than that.)
Come on over and partake. We supply the cakes you supply the Baileys.....hum.

Friday, August 22, 2008

OohLaLa...... Fresh Tubulars

I am no longer a tubular gluing virgin. With the first pair done hopefully they can stay on the rims for more than a day. They look so hot. Oh and looksy looksy is that the new spoke card looking oh so svelt. Why yes it is. This machine is ready for the court. Tomorrow will hopefully be installing my wheel cover. Coroplast for $6 at Home Hardware. I'm even narrowing down on a name for her. Be patient it will come to me soon.

I'm going to try and ride all winter on her avec fenders and maybe a front brake. OK maybe not a brake. So overrated.

Nighty Night.

As Goldenites we tend to forget about the rest of the world and how they travel and commute throughout their communities. It shames me seeing lifted F150's, people driving two blocks to get the mail or go to work. I am not without blame here, I do, far too often drive when I could walk. I am trying to reduce my time in our vehicle. I do require it for work as i am back and forth from the mountain regularly but could I ride share, take community transpotation or another approach. The Town of Golden just received a rather large amount of money to be used for bike paths and pedestrian walkways. We need to ensure that we, as cyclists are taken into consideration when this money is spent. Our main challenge is getting over the downtown bridge. The bridge was built in the 50's without a thought to a bike lane. There is no room to create its own bike lane but we should be able to create a safe on-your-bikre passage here. While I have never been shy to make my presence known to vehicles as I drive over the bridge, usually riding down the middle of my lane we do have to take into consideration parents with small kids and more timid riders. Dana was riding over the bridge one day when one of our kids was still wee and in the Chariot. She was riding her 7spd town bike and began riding over the bridge. A car swung around the corner and cut it very close to the Chariot. Dana, fearing for our childs life, pulled further to the curb. One of teh wheels from the Chariot Child Carrier hit the curb and subsequently flipped he Chariot onto its side right on the bridge. The driver, oblivios to his actions continued on his way without even noticing the flipped child in the street. If he was a foot farther over towards the curb our child could be dead, without notice to that driver.

Golden Cyclists need to voice their opinions on this topic and should go into the Town Office to see the plan for which they intend to spend that money on. While it is important to have linked trails it should be stated that pedestrian safety is much more important of an issue than connecting a trail that is two kilometers from downtown. I hope to become involved with the plan. Unfortunately much of the planning is already done, without the formal consultation with commuters. I feel a considerable number of people would opt to ride or walk to work if there was a safe and simply approach to getting downtown. The pedestrian bridge does offer a great access and I do tend to go that way regularly BUT that does not help drivers to understand that bicycles are vehicles too.

Introducing good bike baths and access to downtown with improved bike rack placements will create an additional tool to get people out of their cars.

Next the bike shops need to get on board and offer two bikes to the community as commuting bikes. A mens and a womens edition are all trhat is needed. Fenders, rack, 3spd plain coloured and under $350. There are a number of choices out there. One of the most reasonable would be the KHS Green. A great value in a commuter. Cyclists are often just as rediculous as that guy in his jacked up truck. Riding around on a $3000 bike with their kids in the back. They are so paraniod that their bikes will get stolen that they drive instead. All you need are two wheels, not six inches of suspension to find your way through the streets of Golden. Sure we've got potholes but come on!

Finally we should create a community drop off point for old bikes where people can come in and pick out a used bike , fix it up themselves with the assistance of a qualified technician and walk out with a bike for under a $100. In order to get people riding again it has to be affordable and this technique is proven around the world. This action can be easily achieved now without even having a shop deal with it. I can't help[ but wonder what happened to all of those bikes at Charlie Beans place. I really hope they didn'yt all go to th edump. There could have been 100 communi9ty bikes available for FREE. The Community needs to start thinking about reusing and recycling of these old bikes. If there are enough of them around no one would need to steal them because everyone would have them.

Oh...and one more thing...let peopel pull bike sout of the dump. My townie that I've been riding for over five years now came out of there under a tarp and it pisses me off seeing all of those "zero emission vehicles" buried under dirt or crushed. We need to appeal to the dump that there should be a bike drop at the front end of the dump where bikes are cllected throughout the week and collected on the weekend for servicing to create yet more bikes for the community. Think...there are lots of options to promote healthy lifestyles and also to create transportation for members of the community without the capacity to do so on their own.

I'm done. I'm just starting to get pissesd off now.

New Polo League Spoke Card

Check it. I loved that 50's poster far too much not to use it. 4 polo sessions and the card is yours. Get on it folks. Seems we have a team to go to Ramsay Bowl in a couple weeks. We even have a game with a Calgary friend this weekend in Golden. Can't wait.

Oh you can also be a lame ass and buy one for $2 if you don't have what it takes to get into the ring. Sound intimidating (I've never intimidated anyone before).

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fall is in the air, so long summer.

A couple shots of the kiddies throughout the summer. I wish I could have been down on the coast with the kids and Dana for more than a day and a half. Oh well, next summer. We are going to try and do a trip to Drumheller before October for som Dino action and maybe take in the Alberta Star Party too. Dana and I made some cute babies.

Short Bars Improve Performance

A gag from Brooklyn Machine Works a while back makes this one of the best pics ever......

While shortbars make manouvering with a mallet significantly easier there might be a fine line between mallet reach and turnability. I think he has sacrificed a bit of turnability.

White Oury's are uber hot though. Whatever, everythings hot!

New Soma Stuff

I am mildly in love with Soma. They make some genuinely cool stuff and is re releasing a bunch of old kit that many people aren't doing anymore. While I won't be rushing out to buy a set of pink toeclips I will be investing in a set of their cranks sometime shortly. Check 'em out. You can link over yonder to the right.

Oh they have a new cycing cap too. Sweet.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Lightning Result

One more lightning strike in Golden tonight during the firestorm. WooHoo.

Three Very Frustrating Hours

I somehow managed to get the XP Antivirus 2008 Adware firmlyimplanted in my computer. It was flashing threat messages every thirty seconds and replaced my wallpaper with Upgrade Now messages.

I double clicked on an eCard by accident. Something I never open generally. Pretty much instantly I had the messages blairing saying that I had 1107 viruses. Constantly stating thta threats were continuing to pour in. It makeds it appear that the Antivirus program is a system program which just came out of no where to stop this terrible threat......dramatic.

After finding a great site to remove the adware, I went to it. I learned a ton and feel like a computer god. Really, I just read the instructions, something guys generally bypass. Who Cares.....................GOD.

Early Season Race A Go!!!!!

Had a meeting this morning with Kicking Horse and we are proceeding with plans for a Nov 29-30 race date. We will be holding a Night Skate Sprint race in Kicking Horse plaze right in front of the gondola and will have a BBQ afterwards. Accommodations packages through the resort and Vagabond Lodge will happen too. The following morning we will run a classic time trial followed in the early afternoon by a team relay. Will post more soon. Can't wait for snow.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beautiful Orlando Rat Race Spoke Card

Sunday Morning Bike Ride

We went for a great bike ride with the Bolt's this morning. This was Alex's second or third time on his Trail A Bike and he was lovin it. We went for a cruise around the new confluence trail and it is so nice in there. I'll take a couple pics there next time. We need to do more of these rides. Kirsten was showin off her Electra while Craig was dreaming of townies.

So many nice bike manufacturers out there....

Velorbis of Denmark makes these beautiful town bikes for commuting to work. Electra has tried to copy them but, I'm sorry Electra tries a bit too hard to be cool. Doesn't work. These reak beauty. Very well designed with nothing but the best components. I wish they were imported into North America. They have a corporate line as well for signature business models. Very smart. One more thing North America just doesn' get. We seem to think a Hummer with a logo has more impact than a beautiful low speed carbon neutral billboard. I won't even get started on the riders of the bikes. Ah.....Europe.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Golden Smoke

A halo of smoke is hanging high over Golden today. There is a fire over in Glacier Park close to the east boundary. While there is no smike flavour in the air it is definately approaching. Nice pic if nothing else.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ski Team signs on for Swix/Fischer again this year

As winter approaches things start trning to skiing and what the team will be up to. As of today we are officially working with Fischer and Swix again this year. I hope to working a bit closer with both companies again this season conducting more waxing seminars on the road and perhaps have a few ski demos at events. Our team is up to 12 this year, not including Masters skiers wo start training next month. RCS's and flouros all around!

Photos of the Townie Race

A couple shots from the townie event thanks to Dalia, the only one who actually used the camera that she brought. I had my video camera ad regular digi but do I have photo's, NO. I love the fuzzy shot. Thats me in the host tie and Dana is behind in the silk gloves and blonde wig, very nice.
A couple of racers are checking out their hands prior to the poker draw. Aaron won the most unique bike award. He should have also one the highest cadence award, check out the length of those cranks. I believe the prize was the fuzzy gold dice. Very good prize.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Blog for the GNSC

I just opened a blog for the Golden Nordic Ski Club relating to the release of the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort Master Plan. This document, over 170 pages long addresses the expansion needs of the resort while also developing a golf course amongst our trail system. A little dishearting but KHMR has been very receptive to our concerns and at times demands thus far. Have a look at for more info.

Winters Comin' (whether you want it or not!)

Even though it's a scorcher today I can't help but start dreaming about that white fluffy stuff. Mmmmmmmmm. Soon we'll be waxing skis, pulling off the roller ski tips and headin out for some cool weather gliding. Can't come soon enough in my books.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wheel Cover Template

We are tossing around teh idea of thin plywood with lacquer, fiberglass/carbon, or cheap and easy coroplast. This one is just cardboard. But will look badass when done. Jet black cover with a large penny farthing taking up alot of the wheel in silver made with die cut sticker.

Gettin ready for the Townie Poker Run

25 people meant alot of spoke cards. Here the come hot of the laminator

Friday, August 8, 2008

New Found Deco Poster

I truely am obsessed with these somewhat racy vintage posters. I use these for all of the townie events and am seeking the next event poster. Where will it be?

Townie Tandem (How sweet it is)

This is our townie tandem. It is covetted for the townie races. I have not ridden it in an event yet. I think we've done six rides. My day will come. We ride her lots the rest of the year.

Front End Shot

EM Chrome fork, Chris King Headset, Titec Flat Bar, DuraAce front end on tubulars. Sweeeeeet!

Fixie, fixie, fixie......

Here is my new girl. I offered Jerome $300 he said no........its got Dura Ace and Normandy hubs on tubeless rims, Chris King headset, Eddy Merckx fork, I said OK how bout $400...again he said no..he threw in an extra wheel and an old saddle. "Well what then?" I asked. His response. "I won't take ything more than $200. I love Jerome. I switched out the bar which was a really nice and light drop bar for a flat stock Titec race bar and got rid of the most uncomfortable saddle in the world for my stock cross saddle pictured. It is super comfy. I just need a new set of tubular rubber, lock ring (sketchy!) for my Normandy red anodized hub (rad!). Pondering a brake for polo but undecided as yetIt looks so good without.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Townie Wednesday

Today is the day of our first townie event of the year...yes I know a bit late. Stay tuned for photos tonight or Thursday. Should be loads of fun. Expecting about 20 people. Maybe more. Have decided on a five stop poker run finishing at The Taps with Disaster Man playing late into the night. Should be Awesome.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Invite to Ramsey Bowl 2008

The Calgary Bike Polo Club sent me an invite today to go over for the Ramset Bowl 2008 Tourney. Clubs from Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, NYC, Toronto and others are expected for the three day event. We need to put a team together. It would be such a great time.

Monday, August 4, 2008

My faithful and somewhat rough looking slow speed commuter

Awe, she still the apple of my eye. Is that how that expression goes, it really doesn't sound right.

New Spoke Cards for the Frat Party.....hell yah!

Check out the sweet spoke cards designed for the townie event on Wednesday. They are available for $2 or register...and show up......for the event. I am scamming Dana's laminator and she did't look too excited about it. It just wasn't getting felt neglected.

Testing My Luck

I'm going to try and make a set of wooden fenders for a copuple of my bikes. There area couple great sites that have shown the easiest ways to create them I'm going to attempt a couple different methods and see how difficult it really is. Here is a beautiful sample of a set.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ned and John

Ned Overend , perhaps the most well known biker of all time was, and still is an unbelievable rider. I remember seeing him in an early vid with some Trek riders riding some beautiful singletrack in Telluride. He picks the most beautiful lines. It looks like he is floating above the trails.

Nice flip hair on the Tomes there.

Sexy Dirt

This shot is forever burned into my skull. I remember it published in an issue of MBA. This is Cindy Whitehead in 1986 after riding in a 50 mile cross country race. Four miles into the race she snapped her seatpost and rode the entire remaning 46 miles standing on here pedals. And oh ya, she won. Hottie Montain Biking Guru.

I had the opportunity to meet her at the Mammoth Mountain Downhill a number of years later. She was blown away that we came across the country, just out of high school from Ontario to come race this event. I was riding my Ritchey P21 with a home made rear wheel cover to go faster. I thgink I used a crazy carpet for teh cover. Retarded. I wish sooo much that I hada camera with me back then. Oh well.

Oh those sweet drop bars!!!

Yup I installed a pair on my Fischer Excalibur and raced a year on them. They were actually really comfortable to ride with as this is one of the staple cross bars of late. I would ride these again fo sho. This is Jacquie Phelan ripping up a race course.

John Tomac early 90's

I got to ride with John Tomac and Greg Herbold in Moab on seperate occasions in 93. I always thought that they were both so similar with Greg just a BIT more eccentric. Tomac and Herbold were the two main influences in me getting started in both riding and racing.

Charlie Kelly's website........

Wow, what memories have come forth this morning browsing through Charlie Kellys website. He has an incredible assortment of photos and a tonne of great stories about the early days of mtn bikes. I forgot how nostalgic all this stuff really is for me. He discusses the first ays of Fischer bikes which started out as Kelly-Fischer Mountainbikes, and talks about scheming frame design with Tom Ritchey, Joe Breeze and Gary Fischer. So great. I am posting a couple pics here of images that are burned int my memories including one of the sexiest pics of mountain biking history. That black and white shot of Cndy Whitehead is one of the reasons I started mountain biking! Hot. I believe that shot is from '86. I didn't come across it until '89 when I saw her slaying it on tv at the Mammoth Downhill where I would go three years later. Enjoy. Check out the sweet yellow K-Way couple in the background in their sweet shades. Wicked!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Oh Dear, I've Found My New Fixie!!!!!!

I finally got up the courage to ask a friend of mine Jerome, owner of Summit Cycle if he wanted to part with a mint Nishiki Century Fixie Bike. It has been sitting against the wall for over a year and has been calling my name. Tubeless wheels, 54cm frame with about a 55tt. Rides really nice. Its missing a lockring for the rear cog and the front tire looses air but is all easily resolved. It is the exact bike I have been looking for. Beautiful lug work with a polished chrome fork with a midnight blue frame. I'm trying to figure out what to sell so I can get this stud of a bike. That is the ultimate Golden commuter. It will get a set of homebuilt wooden fenders and a track bar down the road. No brakes in the bike so I will be installing at least a front brake. Not into brakeless, I had one once it was scary as hell. I was also in the city which didn't help.
Hopefully you'll see a new bike up here soon.

How the chinese army trained their snipers during WW2. That is a great image. Oh, the many uses of bikes. Its quite amazing seeing these images out there. It really shows our dependency of bicycles in our lives. Especially in regions such as asia where owning a vehicles is often impossible.