Friday, July 25, 2008

Coast Bound to the coast to drive back home with Dana and the kiddies. Very excited to smell the fresh salt air, go for a short flight and go see some long lost family. As long as the Greyhound isn't late all will be fine. ~~~We will be hopefully hitting up a couple bike shops along the way. Seeking some arc bars and a sweet new cycling cap, preferably tweed. Catch ya later.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Igor Kenk, a long time used bike shop owner in Toronto, and long time suspected bike thief was finally caught after likely more than 15 years of bike thievery. I remember being in his shop almost 15 years ago going "OK who is stealing these for you man". I put bike thieves right up there with mass murderers. I have absolutely no time for anyone who takes away someones mode of transportation. It is incredible that this has finally happened. On July 17th, 2008 Igor was taken into custody while his wife was taken in the following day. They have discovered four storage buildings holding over 1500 stolen bicycles in the TO. This is a great, great week. I hope that all of those bikes get back to their rightful owners. Oh Igor, I hope you end up in jail for a long, long time. Not likely to happen but, his days will be either numbered (possibly hit by an oncoming car) or at a minimum very, very miserable. I can't see him staying in TO after this. Just don't let him move to Golden.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bike Polo in Golden?

I'm working on it, lets see how the first event goes. Second a bike polo league. Third a crit race through downtown. Oh the cycling mayhem is unleashed.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Water Polo in Golden

Who knew that water polo would be so much fun. I think I need to tell everyone I know to come out. The ski team, well Charlie, Claire, Kay and myself were there and it was a blast even though we were dead after half an hour. I think you are only supposed to play 7 on 5 off but we went a straight through for 30 and almost died. I loved it. They haven't had many people out for it so we need to spread the word before summer is over and I'm scraping skis. Oh god no, not yet. 9-10pm Monday nights.

Just finished the latest townie bike event poster and it turned out awesome. I will post a bunch of the other posters if I can find them, I have one or two in my hard drive but I fear a few are lost. This will go up onto the Facebook group shortly but wanted it here first. I think I will create a blog for the group and drop teh Facebook one shortly. We'll see. Let me know what you think.

Golden Alpine Holidays Pic

I just got a beautiful framed picture from Golden Alpine Holidays last week from our spring recon mission to Secret Valley at Sentry Mountain Lodge. This was a photo from our third day up there. This is going to be a promo poster shot with yours truly being the skier. I want to be there right now. I am really missing the snow. We are trying to create a late sping and fall training center for teams and XC'groups to go for a week.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Golden Townie Bicycle T logo

Here is the new logo going onto shirts next week. Brown or pick.

They also had a vintage poster created for the company. Very nice!

New Cross Frame (I hope so!)

This company, Steelwool, out of Ontario as a great site and are seeming to create some cool stuff. I thought this was a Canadian made frame. But alas I believe it is made overseas in Taiwan. Cromo tubeset and sweet custom fork made in house. A nice affordable upgrade for this year. I should have t in time for cyclocross season, cross my fingers (oh that was bad).........


Well we go.

I've wanted to assemble a place where everyone could check out our latest happenings, see what crazy (mostly rediculous) ideas I've got floating around in this little head of mine, and to hopefully provide a smooth escape from Facebook in the near future. My family are not Facebook'ers (wife excluded) so I want to share our goings on in a more open format.

I hope to have lots of fun stuff for my ski team, ramblings about the over squishiness of todays cycling community and of course share a bunch of cool things in the ski and bike world.

Since my leaving of Selkirk Sports, a ski and bike shop I have discovered a rather large whoel in my soul relating to bike wrenching. I hope to start doing some work on the side again soon and am looking at maybe taking a course soon, more of that later.

Ski life is great. Still in the summer. We train with the team 3 days a week and am starting a Masters Group here next month, should be awesome. The Golden Nordic Ski Club is keeping me busy with constructing bridges, building trail and hopefully redesigning our youth programs for the coming year. Talk Soon