Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The big roll over.

I'm not really sure this is something to be overly proud of but I had
to take a pic regardless. On the way back from Canmore today the car
rolled over the big six digit birthday. While I commute by bike when
at work in Canmore this start and end of the week community would be a
bit large at 200 and something km. I must say though that I am so
happy to park this thing when in Canmore.

It's official.

The 2009/10 season has officially come to a close. What happens next
season is wide open. Coaching, racing, job description, GNSC
involvement. It's all exciting stuff. Updates to come soon.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cross Bike is out....and muddy.

After a busy winter with nary a weekend without a race, course or work, it is nice to be pleasure cruising on the skis without a concern in the world the last week. Even better....I pulled my bike out and am riding regularly to work again and got in a fantastic trail ride in Canmore on my cross bike down by the river. Mud+Bike=FUN! Bring it.

Some End of Season Antics

When no one else showed up for training we pulled out frisbees and played some disc golf on skis. Every shot missed over par was a push up. At the end of the game, totals were tallied. Anything over par meant two push ups per. Anyone who was under par could give their push ups to someone else. Mitch 42 push ups, Zach 12 push ups, Troy zero.

I love making up rules as we go!

Changing Seasons

Finally it has happened! My kids are getting bigger and that means getting out and doing a bunch of new to them and old to me activities. It felt really great getting back into a harness after pretty much five years of abstinence. Here are a couple pics of Julian and I in the cave along with one of Meems up on the wall.

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Boots, the RCS Carbonlite Skate (the switch to NNN)

I don't really have time right now to discuss why the switch (my laptop battery is dying) but I will definately post a bunch of info on the new boot here as it gets skies from now till the end of the season. All I can say is WOW! They fit and are light! A big improvement from its previous models. Ahhhhh the pic won't upload either. Crap.

New RCS Skate boots

I just picked upy new sample Fischer boots to try out I hope to take
them to the games. I just need to mount up some skis with NNN
bindings. So hot, super comfortable and really adjustable. The only
thing I have noticed is that they do not have a heel strap to lock the
ankle into place. We'll see how they ski in terrace.

BC Games Comin Up!

Phew, it has been a busy winter so far, even though it is almost over now.
The ski team has had great success this season with numerous personal bests and a few great podium finishes. For myself, it seems like I am getting really old and creaky! Not in great shape this year at all. I hope to race in teh Western Masters Championships in Golden in two weeks. My knee is giving my grief, whats new. I slipped last week and tristed it pretty bad. I am skiing gingerly on it and there does not seem to be any problem when on skis....just going up stairs. The Bc Games are up in two days. I am the Kootenay Zone Head Coach and will be taking a crew of 8 regional skiers to unleash some serious damage on the rest of the province. The boys are SUPER strong. One from Rossland, one from Kimberley and one from Golden.

I will try and post some pics and update when I can.