Monday, January 25, 2010

Grooming it out.

World cup course right in little golden

Global domination begins with Nipika Skate looper

The troops rallied and skied a great day at Nipika Lodge. Minimal snow
made for sporty racing but proved very fast with most athletes beating
their personal bests over 10 km. We wrapped up an award winning
weekend after competing on the classic sprints held downtown for the
torch relay festivities. I don't really think it was well advertised
as we were pretty much the only people there. It didn't matter however
ad it was an incredibly fun time.

Friday, January 22, 2010

It's official!!

Released 4 minutes ago. The Olympic line up for the Canadian cross
country ski team are as follows:

Sara Renner
Chandra Crawford
Dasha Gaiazova
Madelaine Williams
Perianne Jones

Devon Kershaw
Ivan Babikov
George Grey
Stephan Kuhn
Alex Harvey
Brian McKeever

There you have it. The best group of of skiers our Nation has ever seen!

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Torch handoff two doors down


> Gotta admit, I was not too excited for the torch coming to town this
> week but last night changed that.

Torch handoff two doors down

Gotta admit, I was not too excited for the torch coming to town this
week but last night changed that.

The torch just ran in front of the house. Super awesome!

Strangely, there were only two torch bearers from golden. There were
however about 10 from calgary. Surprise surprise.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Torch hits Canmore.

A quick update. The torch rolled through work yesterday afternoon. I
went out for a few minutes and watched them prep. It wax pretty
awesome seeing all the kids out to watch. I heard that it was mental
downtown with all of the excitement. Golden gets the torch tonight.
Stay tuned for pics.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back in the saddle

Now that I work out of town and am more than 5 seconds from my office I am commuting again on my cross bike. I love it. My ass doesn't but I sure do. With the crazy warm weather in Canmore I've had no excuses to leave the car at home. Now the challenge will be to leave it at home when its minus 30. Its only a five minute commute but I have been making it 15 or 20!

Photo to follow.

Family shot up at KHMR over the Christmas holidays

Dr J hits the Nordic slopes

Julian is skiing great this year with a couple podiums under his
belt. I am crazy proud his initiative to ski and wanting to come to
events. Super hard though being parent and a head coach of a ski team
at the same time though when you are doing everything on your own.
I've decided that why should other peoples kids come before my own at
races. It's taken three years and some motivational talks from Dana to
make it happen j's happy our there with me. I think he likes hanging
out watching tv after the race and sharing a bed at hotels the most.
And also all the cool kids he meets his age at the races.

OK so now what ?

Is the time to start updating this damned blog. I feel like a bit of
an idiot for not staying on it but honestly there is onlyso much time
in the day and multitasking this guy can take before everything blows
up in my face. Between becoming the surrogate parent of a 15 year old
female athlete, juggling a new job with alot of administration
contained within it, training a ski team, working with our local
Nordic club, being a parent of two awesome kids, a mostly annoying
husband to my wife and every weekend off at ski races ....frankly
there isn't much time for blogging. There are 5 blogs which I have
started over the last couple years and it is time to let them go. The
only ones that I really care about at this point are my personal one
here and the golden active transportation blog which will be co
administered by myself and Luke Nichols. It's time to streamline, get
more effective at managing my life outside of the office and
reevaluate what really matters. Family. It don't know what the spring
will bring but I look forward to a couple weeks with the kids on our
boat, getting in shape to compete at the Masters World Cup in Vernon
next year and complete some small projects left unfinished throughput
the winter. Skiing has been great with my team but focus still remains
a bit of an issue. I need to continue my own path of coaching and now
my own path as an athlete possibly. Can i do it all? Who knows. All I
know is the blog is back now that I can upload straight off my phone.
Uber cool!

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Life on the road at BC Cup 1

Something fishy?

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Testing from the iPhone

Does this work
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