Sunday, January 17, 2010

OK so now what ?

Is the time to start updating this damned blog. I feel like a bit of
an idiot for not staying on it but honestly there is onlyso much time
in the day and multitasking this guy can take before everything blows
up in my face. Between becoming the surrogate parent of a 15 year old
female athlete, juggling a new job with alot of administration
contained within it, training a ski team, working with our local
Nordic club, being a parent of two awesome kids, a mostly annoying
husband to my wife and every weekend off at ski races ....frankly
there isn't much time for blogging. There are 5 blogs which I have
started over the last couple years and it is time to let them go. The
only ones that I really care about at this point are my personal one
here and the golden active transportation blog which will be co
administered by myself and Luke Nichols. It's time to streamline, get
more effective at managing my life outside of the office and
reevaluate what really matters. Family. It don't know what the spring
will bring but I look forward to a couple weeks with the kids on our
boat, getting in shape to compete at the Masters World Cup in Vernon
next year and complete some small projects left unfinished throughput
the winter. Skiing has been great with my team but focus still remains
a bit of an issue. I need to continue my own path of coaching and now
my own path as an athlete possibly. Can i do it all? Who knows. All I
know is the blog is back now that I can upload straight off my phone.
Uber cool!

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Gussy said...

Look forward to co-blogging with you!

t.hudson said...

Sweet me too. Are you now live to post on the ATG page. I'll go look.