Monday, April 26, 2010

Three weeks and counting..

With just under three weeks of "spring break" remaining before we get back into ski training I can't wait to start logging hours again for the sake of training and ultimately racing in the Masters World Cup in Vernon mid March 2011.

I am more than a bit amped to get rolling with a training plan already assembled and a great training regime for our athletes here in Golden as well. We will all be working off of custom tailored 416 hour plans this year.

This spring has big trail runs, huge road rides, grueling long distance roller ski trips, beautiful alpine climbs and a few time trials thrown in for good measure.

Mix that in with lots of family fun, sailing, mountain biking with Julian, and two family vacations (we have NEVER had a family vacation- 8 years and counting) this summer is going to ROCK!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


With a snowy and miserable day in Golden today the Hudson's aren't sure what to do with ourselves! Hopefully the day will open up with some decent spring weather to

a) work outside in the yard
b) yard sale prep for next week
c) bike ride with the kiddies
d) sail with the kiddies

I could wash the dishes but crap, that is not fun.

I had a great first official sail of the year last night down at the new sailing spot. I think we will consider building a small dock down there at some point. The Sunfish is down there now as well along with my windsurfing rig that I walked in for 2.5km yesterday. That was an experience that I would rather not do again.

We need to find a few more sailing folk to pick up boats so we can start having some fun evening races. I am assembling some bouys to take down there next week.

Well, enough to work on Mimi's new room and do the dishes.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New sailing locale until June/July.

Oh man.....I'm loosing my frickin mind about getting on the water. Julian and I went for a spring recon and landed a big one. Sailing next weekend! Rain or shine we are getting things rolling. It will be about a 15 minute bike ride into the beach but is SO worth it. Check it. Getting the boats in there will be the true adventure. I see a portage from the river in our future!

Golden is the best!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jailbreak Collective offers cool gifts.

Jailbreak Collective offers alternative art and toys. Check out their "oh so cool" stuff like the tire belt and light saber chopsticks.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hell Yeah!!

First official disc golf night of the year! Heading out in an hour. Will post some pics later.

Happy Birthday Jolene.