Monday, April 26, 2010

Three weeks and counting..

With just under three weeks of "spring break" remaining before we get back into ski training I can't wait to start logging hours again for the sake of training and ultimately racing in the Masters World Cup in Vernon mid March 2011.

I am more than a bit amped to get rolling with a training plan already assembled and a great training regime for our athletes here in Golden as well. We will all be working off of custom tailored 416 hour plans this year.

This spring has big trail runs, huge road rides, grueling long distance roller ski trips, beautiful alpine climbs and a few time trials thrown in for good measure.

Mix that in with lots of family fun, sailing, mountain biking with Julian, and two family vacations (we have NEVER had a family vacation- 8 years and counting) this summer is going to ROCK!!


Gussy said...

Let me know when some of these things are happening and i might just come along for the punishment.

Heidi said...

When and where are the family vacations?

t.hudson said...

Sounds Good Luke!

Fam Vacations are still up for grabs. One week in June with a Drumheller trip for sure, one week in winter around Christmas and another still open...ALL PAID!! WooHoo for corporate benefits.