Monday, March 26, 2012

Part 1 of the Theshold SL story coming shortly

After riding my new race bike for the past two weeks it is about time to write a short article. This will come shortly and will send to a couple roadie mags as well as Pinkbike for their reviews column. Pretty happy this far with few issues.

Off to Ontario this week to spend some time with her following her stroke. She is doing well bit needs some son time to cheer her up and get her house sorted before he heads back home in two weeks. It has been too long from home. Taking my bike to get in some down time pedaling in the old stomping grounds of Belleville and Stirling. Super excited for that if the time allows. Mostly it is going to be so great to see that smile on my moms face again. Back to the homestead.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Training Season Underway

With the Cdn Masters Champs over with and spring officially underway I have transferred over to cycling as much as I can with our temperamental weather here in Golden. Skiing is still fantastic with -2 to -6 daily averages at the nordic venue. With this are sunny afternoons and rapidly drying pavement to tempt me to my bike. The new bike is fantastic!! A review will appear shortly following some more sessions on the dirt and trails surrounding Golden. I love spring!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Masters, New Bike and Italy!!

Mt new bike following the build up at Derailed, my new sponsor for the 2012 season. They are a great small town shop offering fantastic service and customer appreciation. 

Day 2 is about to get going in approximately 14 hrs. Great turnout with challenging ski conditions.  New bike is home with me and have had a chance to get one ride in so far. To busy being a Chief of Competition this week to get any bike time in.  :(

More good news is that I am pretty certain that I will be going to Asiago Italy next winter to race and wax at the Masters World Champs! Training starts two days after the Cdn Masters Champs event is over!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The new bike is here!!!!

Pics to come on Friday when I built it up with Jon from Derailed in Golden. Super duper excited!!!

Canadian Masters Champs only 5 days away!

As the Chief of Comp for the 2012 Cdn Masters Champs I have to say I am very excited to host athletes from across the country and Pacific Northwest to Golden. With 150+ registered athletes for the week of racing we should see some exciting racing by all of these athletes over age 30.

Check out the sister blog link to the Cdn Masters here:

Dawn Mountain Nordic Center (March 7th, 2012)
That's where I'll be for the next week!! Sleep deprived and wired for more racing. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The year looking forward. SPRING!!!!

With less than a week to go until the Canadian Masters Championships things are feeling surprisingly calm. I vowed to myself that I would not get stressed out for races any longer. A great mentor stated that if teh team is calm the athletes and volunteers will also remain calm. So..... here I am, attempting to stay calm. It's working quite well.  :)

Following this event I am making some significant changes to the way I lead my life for this upcoming season. While my volunteering in the community will slow with the nordic club, I will investing more time into developing a youth dev cycling program in the Kootenays and develop a Kootenay Cup MTB series for this summer and early fall. Included with this event will be an early season CX Kootenay schedule if there is enough interest.

I am hoping to be coaching only Masters athlete for the 2012-13 ski season and will be focused on racing and  fitness for the cx and nordic race season as my training goal is Masters World Champs in Asiago Italy next Feb.

There may be 2 people that ever read this, I will keep things updated on this side of the web with training, camps, friends, racing and all things Hudson for the year to come.

As a training incentive I have just ordered my new bike which will be pretty much the most beautiful thing ever, a Norco Threshold SL. At 16lbs this will be my road race and training bike along with obviously my CX Race machine for the coming season. My training wheel set is on its way and apparently my bike will be here before the end of the week. There will be pics!

New Bike: Norco Threshold Carbon SL Full SRAM Force and Red, Easton EA90 wheels. Phassst.