Monday, November 10, 2008

Is there room for a little townie race in our little town....HELL YA!

Oh I think there is one townie race remaining in Golden for the season. I don't know if I could get anyone out for it but the poster is already beginning to appear in my mind. A dusting of snow perhaps, world longest skid mark perhaps, revitalize the lost alleycat which never was to be. Damn scheduling problems. This will all lead up to a hockey match on the ice, no holds barred no spokes will be left standing. Wahaahaaa, waahaaahaaaa, waaahaaahaaa.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oh Crap......

I can't believe I forgot about the World Indoor Cyclocross Championships of the World over in Calgary. Crap...crap...crap....double crap. I bet it was awesome. That's what I get for not putting it in my damn daytimer. Damn my daytimer. Damn, damn, damn.

OK I feel a bit better.

No I don't... crap.

Monday, November 3, 2008

New Snow, Sun and Great Skiing!

WE got about 5cms overnight and got out grooming a bit late as we had to fly out a Biathlete who injured her ankle yesterday. The snow is nice a firm underneath a nice new dusting making for an unbelievable day to ski. The team just came in so I think I'll go for a boot after lunch. I love it up here. I wish I could bring Dana and the kids up here for some winter wonderland. I sure hope that Sovereign gets some snow as I'll be a bit jealous if John is back up here next weekend with Biathlon Canada. We are getting hits on the site from all over the world right now and Faster Skier, Ski Trax Magazine and are all covering our camps up here. Check em' out. WE have the best conditions in North America right now. We are definately on the International XC skiing radar now.!!!!!!

Plus, everyone is loving the skiing.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

It officially ski season!!!!

Ah transition time. It hit this weekend with me up at Golden Alpine Holidays Sentry Mountain Lodge. We have an Altitude Training Center here in the fall and spring. We are currently skiing at 2200m and have about 2.5 km groomed for both classic and skate. It sure feels nice to be on, and in, snow again. We have Foothills Nordic in from Calgary right now and will switch over to Alberta World Cup Ski Academy until Wednesday. I sure hope we get some new snow. It is pretty firm now after a full day of rain yesterday. We still skied and it was great. Bring on the snow!!!!!!