Saturday, April 25, 2009

Set Them Free!!!!

Oh my god!!!Check the blue one in the background and that chaincover.
Please Release Me...Let Me Go.....

Disclaimer: I will personally kick your ass if you try and scam these from under my nose whomever you are!!
Disclaimer aside, The Golden Bike Share Program, a budding project working under the umbrella of Wildsight, the Town of Golden, Golden RCMP and Golden Active Transport is seeking to reclaim or reCYCLE (excuse the lamest pun ever) dump bicycles and reclaim bicycles from the RCMP to create a public bike share program. While on an initial survey of the dump I came across these two stunning bikes. One is very similar to a bike I built up for Nadia Schiesser a couple years ago and the is appearing to be from the early to mid 40's with a stunning winged chain cover. I need that bike!!!!! Anabelle may be up for grabs people.

Oh and Amy, chilax girl, your bike will come, let me get the damned pics up!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hot Dog and Broccoli upper classman

Mmmm...spring beer.
Everyones favorite dish...the hotdog quiche!

It may sound horribly icky but look at that cheesy loveliness. Kids picked the ingredients I made the dish. It was so frickin' good. I don't know if you see the trend here...but....I'm actually starting to love cooking. Wierd. And....nothing says spring like a nice glass of Fernie Premium Pilsner on the lawn. Gosh darnit I love spring.


The snow almost made it to us, bit happily not quite. We played polo two hours later and it was nice and sunny.
The happy bannock pair with the bread of their success! It was freaky delicious with a little bit of butter straight out of the oven.

Yup on a blustery, almost wintery day on Wednesday the kiddies and I decided to try our hands at bannock.
Can't get much easier of a project.....
2.5 cups flour
.5 tsp salt
2 tsp baking powder
1 cup cold water
Throw in whatever else you like, we opted for savory with medium cheddar from Ontario (best cheese on Earth) and I added some dill to mine. Yummy.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Romes 2762nd Birthday Chariot Race

I have a bit of a Roman obsession to begin with having visited there in my youth and have now realized that I need to go back there and do this. Perhaps Canada could create its own unstoried lame year 2000's version of Circus Maximus for us Canucks to ride around on. I think we need padded spears though and maybe some nerf sword and shields. Like that wouldn't be the most fun ever!!! Happy 2762nd Birthday Rome, through all those centuries of raping and pillaging you still got it goin' on.

This is Crap!

It was snowing for the whole afternoon. I had a planned road ride and easily talked myself out of it to sit on the computer and write grants all day. I should be back out on the trails in the morning as teh morning temps will dip back down below zero. We have laid out teh new 3.3, 3.75 and 5km race loops. I'll GPS them next week and then should be able to begin the long homolgation process to create our International calibre racing system. Are we bidding on a big event!!! Oh yes we are. On another note, J man, the Meems and I are off to do a Reflection Lake cleanup for Earth Day in a couple hours.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Geekhouse New Site Is Up

I have had this secret little love affair with Geekhouse since I first saw them last year. I must admit that it was their fixie that got me to the site. It is great to see that they have done a full branch out including cross bikes, and even possible 26 and 29'ers coming down the line. I can't help but find love in the brotherhood of the nerds. Unleash your inner geek and have a look at their site. Sure every single one of their bikes are hot but who wouldn't love to be able to afford this pleasure pit to double your lady across town on. At $1100 per frame they are all built of steel and while likely not too light they will definately give you love for a good ten years of heavy pedalling. If only I were Mr. Moneybags and could by a matching set for my wife and I. Love 'em. Go check out their vid on the site, beautifully done showing off the anal nature of all bike builders.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Two Niner Test Ride in Canmore

Took out the 2009 Cannondale Caffeine 29'er today for a spin in Canmore and fell madly in love. At just over 26 lbs it felt very stout and able to loose some poundage with an upgrade to better cranks, and seatpost/bar combo. That Lefty is always a bit trippy when you haven't ridden one in a while but it rode beautifully. They do a SS version as well but the colour isn't quite is hot as this. I am lovin this thing. Upgrade cranks to a light Truvativ and run it as a 1x9 would be the shiznit. The only thing that was bizarre was it had what felt like a three foot wide bar on it. Crazy. I'm spending too much time on my fixie and forgetting what MTB bars are actually supposed to be like.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I had a dream.....of the Yeti Arc X

I am sick to death of dreaming about this damned bike. I need to sell something like a vehicle or child so I can start riding one. Of all the bikes in the world I miss a Yeti the most.

I think this is Seven.

The Frakzy of Grass Polo Calgary
Pont Boy of East Van

Polly of teh winning East Van Team "Battle Scar Galactica..Pass The Sausage"

Kenny of EV sporting a rather debonaire GQ pose...Kenny didn't win..poor guy.

Jeff of EV showing that it's OK to be a looser and still ride like a champion!

Part Five Of A Few More

Tony's sis showin off her sweet polo shirt, yes it looks better on her than Tony.
Aaron with her "Mean Face"

Martin killin it for the win!

Mr. Carter demonstrates how to kiss one's ass

" I can see for miles and miles...." Damnit I love this shot. Perhaps it is the look of disbelief that he is taking home such a HOT trophy.

Three Parts Plus One Part Equals Four Parts

Dylan and Aaron happy as can be, drunk and in GOLDEN! They have very nice teeth.
Dana......likes to make Flying V's with her this.

Mimi likes to be glamorous and pink and show attitude every second of the day..good on ya Meems!

Me showing where the center line is on the court mere seconds after stealing the ball away from a grass court fella.

Luke showin us some sweet picture takin skillz. I like how the fence isn't blurry and the rest is blurry. Its like its two completely different pictures. Perhaps he is this good at taking pictures because he spent $50 on a mallet head...

Round Trois

The peanut gallery
Beno not sure what way to turn the spoke wrench

The oh so hot Heather showing us all that dirty smelly and drunk isn't the only way to play polo.

Santa does have an off season game and it's POLO!!!!!!

Robbie Boards likes to make Flying V's with his fingers, like this.

Round 2

Dana is high (?) and Meems shows off the sweet polo shirts
Yes, Golden Girls do know how to party Kenny...sorry we couldn't stuff one into your car before you left...I was lookin'

TH ready to get his ass whipped

Golden Bea Squad, Heather showin the ball who's boss

The Happy winners of East Van and my daughter thinking "Hmmm, he's tall and funny and is wearing pink, he's my new boyfriend!" Meems, hes a bit old and alot dirty for you sweety, you'll get your chance.

A whollotta pics of polo!!!!

Final Match up of the grass court players from Calgary and East Van
Calgary A and B squaring off with some fixie skillz

Hostility or simple dismount...not sure

Carter and Beno about to share spokes