Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Three Parts Plus One Part Equals Four Parts

Dylan and Aaron happy as can be, drunk and in GOLDEN! They have very nice teeth.
Dana......likes to make Flying V's with her this.

Mimi likes to be glamorous and pink and show attitude every second of the day..good on ya Meems!

Me showing where the center line is on the court mere seconds after stealing the ball away from a grass court fella.

Luke showin us some sweet picture takin skillz. I like how the fence isn't blurry and the rest is blurry. Its like its two completely different pictures. Perhaps he is this good at taking pictures because he spent $50 on a mallet head...


Anonymous said...

Hey, the last pic is an Arty one. Drawing boundaries between polo and our captive state in play. Or something metaphysical like that.

t.hudson said...

HmmmHmmm Bullshit!
Joking.....good shot