Saturday, April 25, 2009

Set Them Free!!!!

Oh my god!!!Check the blue one in the background and that chaincover.
Please Release Me...Let Me Go.....

Disclaimer: I will personally kick your ass if you try and scam these from under my nose whomever you are!!
Disclaimer aside, The Golden Bike Share Program, a budding project working under the umbrella of Wildsight, the Town of Golden, Golden RCMP and Golden Active Transport is seeking to reclaim or reCYCLE (excuse the lamest pun ever) dump bicycles and reclaim bicycles from the RCMP to create a public bike share program. While on an initial survey of the dump I came across these two stunning bikes. One is very similar to a bike I built up for Nadia Schiesser a couple years ago and the is appearing to be from the early to mid 40's with a stunning winged chain cover. I need that bike!!!!! Anabelle may be up for grabs people.

Oh and Amy, chilax girl, your bike will come, let me get the damned pics up!


Anonymous said...

They are sexxxy bikes. If they are not going to the bike share, let me know. I'm interested.

t.hudson said...

Already spoken for...I don't think I'll get them without a good chunk of cash. I am trying to get the blue one for myself. HOT!!!