Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bad Tony, bad bad Tony!!!

This is what happens when you shoulder check a guy twice as big as you. There is payback. It was all in good fun although I do feel a bruise coming on in the shoulder. Was it Tonys shoulder on mine or when my shoulder hit the pavement after flting through the air for five feet. Don't know. I do know that it's the best taco I've had in a good number of years. Good thing I have a spare wheel. Just don't wreck this one. I have no funds for polo bikes this summer.


Gussy said...

Good work! I need to go around and get a new wheel. Have you seen the KHS Uno i think it is called. Single speed, might be freewheel. Looks sexy. Mud guards made from a milled piece of metal. Hot, so hot. Just 750ish.

Sean Carter said...

mmmmmm - salty.

i love potato chips!

t.hudson said...

The bars are retarded though on that Uno. Fenders nice yes. I can get one here for a crazy good deal through Charlotte. I just landed a sweet old cromo hardtail frame and am building that up for a commuter and for teh World sin Durango. The Nishiki is on its way out I think. We'll see.

Potato Chips indeed Carter. Good thing I had a spare kicking around.