Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day Moms.....and moms to be!

I have to say that this weekend was quite the surprise having a whole whack load of friends roll into town. It is the first time I've actually been out for a nice dinner with friends in ages. We were celebrating Cheryl and Vanessa's B-Day. It also happens to be Laurie's birthday as well so it was a take over of the Kicking Horse Grill.

I forget how much I love hanging out with Cheryl and Matt. They're they best. And...Cheryl is about to be a new mom in mere seconds.

Best of all, Heidi made a surprise visit and has stayed with us the past two nights. It was the best surprise anyone could have given us. I sure do miss that girl now that she has a new life in Winnipeg. She is also 6 months pregnant and i was thinking this morning that she gets to have her first Mothers Day of her own next spring. I'm so excited for these babies to arrive. I'm a bit of a baby lover! It's no surprise to my close friends.

I also got an early morning call off to my mom and she sounded great. I wish I could be closer to her so she can hang with the kids a bit more often.

As for Dana. She is enjoying a quite sleep in morning while the kids and I are making cards and washing dishes...a chore neglected for the past couple days. Too much fun going on!

Have a great day ladies. Put your feet up and relax!


Cheryl Alena Kinzel said...

Thanks Troy, you and Dana are fun to hang out with as well. No baby yet...

t.hudson said...

Damn, I want a baby to tickle. Get in it. Are you trampolining enough!

t.hudson said...

Get "on" it actually.