Monday, May 18, 2009

And then there was disc golf!!! Holy Frickin Fun!

Thats why I through a left hook. Damn. I think I need some video analysis of technique next time. Such a coach. Think I ended up 7 over par for my first disc golf game ever. I'm OK with that. We punched out the full 38 after many hours and many beers.
Julian became more interested in the cool frog than the disc golf. He's my science nerd through and through. Love It!!

M made new friends. That gnome is such a good listener. Meems had lots to say.

They both took to multi sport play quite well with Julian playing some pingpong and Amelia performing some gymnastics tricks.

We went for a drive down to Go Organic Disc Golf on Sunday for a great game with sunny skies and no bugs. You really can't go wrong.


Sean Carter said...

where is the course?

t.hudson said...

Down south of town. 38 holes. Come on over. It's in Parson, 30 minute drive away. Called the Go Organic Sport Ranch. It's frickin awesome.