Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Geekhouse New Site Is Up

I have had this secret little love affair with Geekhouse since I first saw them last year. I must admit that it was their fixie that got me to the site. It is great to see that they have done a full branch out including cross bikes, and even possible 26 and 29'ers coming down the line. I can't help but find love in the brotherhood of the nerds. Unleash your inner geek and have a look at their site. Sure every single one of their bikes are hot but who wouldn't love to be able to afford this pleasure pit to double your lady across town on. At $1100 per frame they are all built of steel and while likely not too light they will definately give you love for a good ten years of heavy pedalling. If only I were Mr. Moneybags and could by a matching set for my wife and I. Love 'em. Go check out their vid on the site, beautifully done showing off the anal nature of all bike builders.

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