Thursday, July 24, 2008

Igor Kenk, a long time used bike shop owner in Toronto, and long time suspected bike thief was finally caught after likely more than 15 years of bike thievery. I remember being in his shop almost 15 years ago going "OK who is stealing these for you man". I put bike thieves right up there with mass murderers. I have absolutely no time for anyone who takes away someones mode of transportation. It is incredible that this has finally happened. On July 17th, 2008 Igor was taken into custody while his wife was taken in the following day. They have discovered four storage buildings holding over 1500 stolen bicycles in the TO. This is a great, great week. I hope that all of those bikes get back to their rightful owners. Oh Igor, I hope you end up in jail for a long, long time. Not likely to happen but, his days will be either numbered (possibly hit by an oncoming car) or at a minimum very, very miserable. I can't see him staying in TO after this. Just don't let him move to Golden.

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