Saturday, August 2, 2008

Oh Dear, I've Found My New Fixie!!!!!!

I finally got up the courage to ask a friend of mine Jerome, owner of Summit Cycle if he wanted to part with a mint Nishiki Century Fixie Bike. It has been sitting against the wall for over a year and has been calling my name. Tubeless wheels, 54cm frame with about a 55tt. Rides really nice. Its missing a lockring for the rear cog and the front tire looses air but is all easily resolved. It is the exact bike I have been looking for. Beautiful lug work with a polished chrome fork with a midnight blue frame. I'm trying to figure out what to sell so I can get this stud of a bike. That is the ultimate Golden commuter. It will get a set of homebuilt wooden fenders and a track bar down the road. No brakes in the bike so I will be installing at least a front brake. Not into brakeless, I had one once it was scary as hell. I was also in the city which didn't help.
Hopefully you'll see a new bike up here soon.

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