Sunday, August 3, 2008

Charlie Kelly's website........

Wow, what memories have come forth this morning browsing through Charlie Kellys website. He has an incredible assortment of photos and a tonne of great stories about the early days of mtn bikes. I forgot how nostalgic all this stuff really is for me. He discusses the first ays of Fischer bikes which started out as Kelly-Fischer Mountainbikes, and talks about scheming frame design with Tom Ritchey, Joe Breeze and Gary Fischer. So great. I am posting a couple pics here of images that are burned int my memories including one of the sexiest pics of mountain biking history. That black and white shot of Cndy Whitehead is one of the reasons I started mountain biking! Hot. I believe that shot is from '86. I didn't come across it until '89 when I saw her slaying it on tv at the Mammoth Downhill where I would go three years later. Enjoy. Check out the sweet yellow K-Way couple in the background in their sweet shades. Wicked!

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