Monday, August 18, 2008

Three Very Frustrating Hours

I somehow managed to get the XP Antivirus 2008 Adware firmlyimplanted in my computer. It was flashing threat messages every thirty seconds and replaced my wallpaper with Upgrade Now messages.

I double clicked on an eCard by accident. Something I never open generally. Pretty much instantly I had the messages blairing saying that I had 1107 viruses. Constantly stating thta threats were continuing to pour in. It makeds it appear that the Antivirus program is a system program which just came out of no where to stop this terrible threat......dramatic.

After finding a great site to remove the adware, I went to it. I learned a ton and feel like a computer god. Really, I just read the instructions, something guys generally bypass. Who Cares.....................GOD.


Gussy said...

if your a god, then what am i? Above god status?? Am i a mythical creature that is above god, or am i the god of gods?????

t.hudson said...

You're more like that Kraken on Clash of the Titans crossed with a unicorn. But that's still cool....really.

Gussy said...

ok, ill have to believe you. your still a god in bike polo.