Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday: Goin' to the pool.

I'm buying Carter a new phone. We didn't get together Sat night for a polo round but had a great sesh with the Golden crew and may have put together a second team to take to Calgary for Ramsay. We're all playing well. Myself however was suckin' ass after swimming for four hours prior to showing up. We played a great game then the guys headed out for a few beers, which ended up being a 3am escapade. I tried Sean after polo to get together for beers but didn't happen. I was home by 10:30 as I had a sitter to get out fof the house for the night and thought it a waste of money for me to ride around to all the bars for hours trying to track them down.
Today we were going to get together so he could drop off a couple caps he picked me up and also REALLY wanted to get together just to say "hey". I blew off a sailing afternoon with Carl saying he'd be here for around 3:00 but by now 5:00 still no Carter. They must be gone by now. I'll take the kids to the pool instead. Too bad it's a textbook ripper day to be on the water on an ultra fast boat. DAMN. I just wish he used a public phone or stopped by Selkirk to call if the phone wasn't working. I am in the phone book. Ah well , I had a great morning roller skiing with the team and relaxed for about fourty minutes down at Bacchus on the patio. Unbelievable. Would have been great to see you this weekend Sean.

Dana's happy. I fixed the fence this afternoon instead.


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mr carter said...

dude - i am definitely in for that new phone. all of you out there, dont subscribe to rogers if you are in golden cuz coverage licks! troy - my phone finally started beeping at me when we got just past lake louise on the way back - nice, not. bummer about the screw up but i'll make it up to ya!