Friday, August 8, 2008

Fixie, fixie, fixie......

Here is my new girl. I offered Jerome $300 he said no........its got Dura Ace and Normandy hubs on tubeless rims, Chris King headset, Eddy Merckx fork, I said OK how bout $400...again he said no..he threw in an extra wheel and an old saddle. "Well what then?" I asked. His response. "I won't take ything more than $200. I love Jerome. I switched out the bar which was a really nice and light drop bar for a flat stock Titec race bar and got rid of the most uncomfortable saddle in the world for my stock cross saddle pictured. It is super comfy. I just need a new set of tubular rubber, lock ring (sketchy!) for my Normandy red anodized hub (rad!). Pondering a brake for polo but undecided as yetIt looks so good without.

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