Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bridges are mostly done, just need to plank two of 'em.

Welll after a week and a half of building we have finished (well......mostly) our three main bridge projects. It was quite the feat. We had five days of fish window where we were legally aloud to cross streams with machinery. This was required to construct the footings fore the three different bridges. There is one that is entirely wood stringers and sill logs on lockblocks, one that is steel on a wood piling , and one that is steel stringers on lock blocks. Three different builds for three bridges. It was a tonne of fun and a great learning experience. The job once complete turned out unbvelievable. Thanks to Brian Lundstrom and Scott Millward for all of their great hoe work. Here area few pics of the project. This series is the installation of the first and biggest bridge. You will see that we did ae rather large amount of reclamation as well in the area. I'll post a few more of this bridge when I get a couple more pics. I ran out of room on my camera today.

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