Saturday, September 20, 2008

When things go.........

I have to admit, its was really difficult this weekend seeing my observatory leave my back yard. I invested in my telescope about five years ago and was able to pick up a fantastic dome observatory for next near to nothing. I have been spending the day pondering why I feel so shitty. I have spent an unbelievable amount of time out in that observatory. It was there when my kids were babies and I held them up to the eyepiece to gaze at the moon, it was the scope that started the Perseids Meteor Shower event up on Mt 7 and then progressed over to KHMR where we had over 140 people this year. I have spent late nights out during the winter when it was -30 degrees and bundled up in ten layers of clothes to stay warm . IN fact that scope has probably had about 1000 different pairs of eyes gaze through it over the years. I have been fortunate enough to draw and catalogue over 150 night sky objects and have been to a bunch of great star parties making some great, while quirky friends. I feel like a big part of my life is over. I am out of the industry forever, much like I often feel when it comes to bikes as well. While obsessions come and go, read bike polo, appreciation for the universe seems to trump them all. Will I forget about the night sky.....I sure hope not. What it will force me to do is work hard for the observing that will be done. I still have a VERY small telescope which should provide enough light grasping power to see the full Messier list, a group of objects first observed 100's of years ago. What this decrease in technology, aperture and comfort may do for me is rekindle a love which seems to have disappeared this past year.

Sure I can relate this whole blurb to the real world of life, love and family. I have managed to fuck up alot of stuff in my life this past year while creating a new job for myself which I am truely loving. I do take things to the extreme when I do things, as my wife will assuredly attest. Do I really need a specific bike for playing Bike polo? Do I really need an arsenault of XC skis to enjoy my ski experience. And lets not mention the hoards of two wheeled non motorized peopel carriers in my back yard.

We all seem to need and want more. That's what makes the world go round. I think I'm ready for a change. Our basement is full of stuff we haven't used in at least five years, I have a huge collection of tools in the shed which do nothing but collect dust.

While present obsessions will eventually flutter away I do have true passions which are easily visible in our home. While they don't really cost much (ie. skis/bikes) do I need a reality check.

I feel a yard sale coming on.

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