Friday, September 5, 2008

Golden Cycling

I truely love cycling in all of its forms. I to have a certain affinity for townie bikes and unusual cycles. Being in a small town you don't really get the same amount of commuting bikes as in the city. That's what I thought anyway until I actually went looking for some nice old bikes. There are tonnes and I am considering starting a blog for small town commuters. The web is full of incredible blogs relating to urban commuting but there is a distinct lack of blogs on cycling in smaller communities. While most of the ideas are relevant to non urban commuters there is more of an effort required to get the attention of small town community members to get out of their vehicles and ride. Perhaps we can start the pro bike movement with the Townie Fraternity and Bike Polo events. The bike club so far seems really focused on trail development and are not necessarily interested in bicycle advocacy. Well regardless I am going to try and get a movement towards bike commuting in little ol' Golden. If anyone has ideas for cycling advocacy please let me know. Here are a couple Golden bike pics. Love the Fuzzy!!!


Gussy said...

I'm not sure of ideas for bike advocacy at the moment, but i do know that christy owns the fuzzy. used to be purple.

There sure does need to be a movement towards getting people to use bikes around town more. Starting with people's attitudes to driving and physical health.

t.hudson said...

I'm with ya gus. There is a public forum at the Seniors Center in October and I'll post somethin up here when I think about it.