Saturday, September 6, 2008

Commuter Bike Shootout

With September brings the release of the 2009 bike line up for many of today's best bike companies. I am looking into the best commuter bikes, fixie and single speed offerings and the occasional new super bike. I spent too many years in the bike retail world to really give a crap about the hundreds of 5x5, 6x6 offerings. They really are all so similar today that it comes down to their fancy paint jobs to sell them. As I am aging (I'm only 33) I really am changing my cycling focuses. Gone are the days where hurtling myself down mountain faces on big DH bikes and even the All Mountain type of bikes seem really excessive. I'm thinking of 29'ers, cross bikes and commuting bikes more than anything. I really enjoyed riding my cross bike on the cross country trails this year and was easily keeping up with my friends on their long travel cross country bikes. No I wasn't going downhill as fast but that doesn't really matter to me.
As I spend more time riding with the kidlets I really enjoy spending time relaxing on the bike. I have more than enough fast time when training with the ski team three days a week, with polo and skiing coming I'm not that worried about exercise. I want to get a great steel commuter frame that is a 3 or even 8 spd internal hub with fenders and racks, lights, etc......Actually I really would love to go with a 3 spd hub on my fixie from sturmey that has a wooden fender setup.

I'm going to redo my blue townie I think and upgrade to some skinnier tires and narrower fenders. Replace the rusty stem with a nice fresh chrome one, maybe a moustache bar and a new coat of paint. Def a new chain and rebuild the BB. It is a dump bike with nothing done to it in about 4 years. She's due. That's right I always seem to forget the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle rule even when it comes to cycles.

It's finally stopped raining I'm goin to mow the lawn and listen to DNTO. CBC Forever!

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