Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ah winters here.

Well for the Hudsons and our 114 year old house we are having a frosty Cjhristmas so far with -33 wind chill outside providing us with some frozen bathroom pipes, a 4 degee inside temp and a mild concern of our house going up in flames as we have every heater in the house on 24 hour duty. I see a woodstove oin our near future.

Yes, woodstoves are almostv outlawed in Golden due to the many inefficient stoves causing major air pollution issues, especially during these cold snap inversions. But....I have to think about it in teh context of; my family needs to be warm!

Yes there are a billion renos to do on our place but there of course is only so much time and money. Right now, a wood stove is hgh on the priority list.

Our upstairs is actually balmy with the electric baseboards.

Oh well. We live in a cold climate. We should know better.

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