Friday, October 3, 2008

Posting Delinquency and the Busy Fall

After being sick for an official week now I thought I should get something up here. I've been feeling bad that I have been a bit of a slacker in regards to the blog of late. As fall arrives, the leaves drop, snow touches the mountain tops and courses start up I can't help but wish that all of this green and yellow would fade away beneath a thick blanket of white. The ski team had a great training session on Thursday and we will be going on one of our last leisure days (a two hour bike ride through the freshly fallen leaves) before we head into hard training season.

There is a lot coming up this fall. We will be completing our three bridges which includes a great rehabilitation project on a now closed down section of trail, will be constructing a bunch of fencing and v-boards for races and club events, begin designing and funding hunting for our proposed day lodge project, am planning our first major race event which will be a cooperative effort with KHMR to help prove to them that XC is a very big part of the land base surrounding the resort, 3 courses coming up (two Zone4 computer courses and a Cross Country Canada Facilitator Course), a BC Talent Squad Camp and keeping up with three days a week of ski team training.

This is all in the next two months!!! Oh and then there is Membership and Rabbit Registration nights , two waxing clinics, four ski courses and my birthday!!!!

A busy two months are coming up but it's all worth it. I can't wait to get on snow with the team. I should see my new skis in the next few weeks, 2 prs of Carbonlites and an RCS Crown. I may be trying out the new Fischer boots as well. Not sure yet. We have also arranged for a free tent for the team at events this year to go with my sideline job with Fischer/Swix as their race service tech rep for the Kootenays. I hope I can spend more time working with them this season.'s late and my eyes are gluing shut so off I go.

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