Sunday, October 19, 2008

Active Transportation Comes To Golden

I must say that all of this past week wasn't crap. There was a public forum on Active Transport in teh Golden area with pedestrian, cycling, skateboarding and whellchair accessibility in the spotlight. There were three political representatives there as well and hopeful it has opened their eyes to the concept of design for non motorized use.

Luke let me know that there will be a review board established to address the issues of teh entire community relating to active transport and this really makes me so proud to be living in this little town of ours. As a cycling for transportation advocate I really hope that this group will be able to steer the town in a direction which ill create manageable and well thought out transportation links for cyclists and pedestrians.

Through more active programs hosted by the GTBF we can really create a logical and efficient cycling concept for Golden. More classy bike racks, more cheap bikes, and more people seeing cyclists on our streets. Make them socially aware that cyclists are vehicles too. That will only come with adequate signage, driving lane restrictions and positive community involvement.

Time will tell. I'm just glad to see there are other people on the same page as me in our beautiful town.
In the mean time. Make room for a hat under your helmet, slap on some fenders and lights and get ready for fall riding in Golden. Cold Mornings, cool afternoons and snow capped peaks, it really is hard to beat.

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