Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rogers Pass trip with Julian Day 1: Marion Lake

Julian and decided to head off on a boys only adventure up to Rogers Pass, in Glacier National Park. The weather was fantastic if not too sunny and hot. The first day we hiked to Marion Lake and about half way up to Abbott Ridge before we decided to turn around. We hiked about 8 km on day 1.

Some cool mushrooms, ferns, devils club and berries adorned the side of the trail.
Julian became the proud owner of a new pocket knife and was very responsible with it. He has wanted one forever. This moment was staged, really...he is not a psychotic murderer.
At the end of the hike we celebrated with a Jiffy Pop treat.
The view from Marion Lake. No bugs either. Amazing.
The hike to Marion Lake is only just over 2km but it is straight up the whole way.

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