Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rogers Pass Day2: Balu Pass

We got up a bit late and decided to go for a longer trip up to Balu Pass. The 10km hike is much more gradual and does not feel like you are gaining elevation so fast. Julian did not ONCE complain. I was very surprised.

A method to keep Julian from getting bored came in the form of the 100m break dance. Every 100m exactly of elevation change (as displayed by my altimeter watch) we stopped and had a little break dance session whether people were around us or not. It was quite fun. This pic is from the way back down from the pass.
The views are spectacular from this trail. The mountains on the left hand side of the image are of Mt. Tupper and Hermit. It is fun showing all of these peaks to Julian as I have climbed the majority of the mountains in the area, prior to Julian being born. I asked if he wanted to climb some of them and he flat out said no. I think that will change when he gets his own mountain axe.
The hike back down with Ursus Major in the background. The trails are top notch up there.
Success...lunch at altitude.
This pic was taken on the way up. Amazingly there was no smoke lingering. By Monday the valleys were socked in once again. McDonald is in the background.

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