Monday, August 9, 2010

Norco 2011 Commuters (I couldn't resist)

The Heart Fixie/Singlespeed offers the benefit of a no fuss drive train for the commuter on a budget. For under $400 you would be hard pressed to find a better deal. While the Spade offers more sex appeal, the price tag is considerably higher. Great beginner polo bike!

The Fiori folding bike is a new addition to Norco`s fleet and hits the urban apartment dweller market. I would love to test ride one. Do I need Are they cool and functional...Yes.

The Club is one of my favorites in the new Norco catalogue for 2011. They are really on to something here catering to the traditionalist cromo rider seeking a fast commuting machine or comfortable weekend century rider. I love this bike. Chrome pounded fenders, Brooks saddle, chrome vintage racks, a set of appropriately stylish panniers, and a silver bell...dreamy.

The City Glide Series offers sleek stylish European flare with good old fashioned comfort. These internally geared bikes are offered in a 3 and 8 spd drivetrain. Nice features such as the front wheel spring, colour matched components and basket make this a real off the shelf stylish commuter for the ladies. There is a blue step through model as well which I would gladly rip around on.

The Ceres is an internally geared bike which fills the techy commuter market. Nice bike with the belt drive and discs. I have to admit. I don`t really get who this bike is for?

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