Friday, August 13, 2010

Perseid Pics

Artwork by Julian (only one extra m)
Halley's Comet pic (love the smashing meteors around it)
Dusk at 8000 feet. Pretty nice view from the restaurant.
The Brewmasters Astronomy Event was sponsored by Big Rock Brewery. 3 courses of food with a glass of beer with each, along with an astronomy discussion in between each of the courses by yours truely. It was a fantastic time.
Our evening menu. Soooo good.

Jason Eastwood enjoys a fine evening meal with the Hudson's. Jason was the live entertainment for the event playing some incredible guitar.
Julian and Dana taking in a high altitude sunset with rainbow in the valley below
Beer, figs and blue cheese go very well with Big Rock Brewery Honey Brown.
Julian and I on the gondola ride to the top.

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