Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just minutes after the shot on the title page I cracked the mast step in my Bombardier Invitation sailboat. It was the best wind in years that I have sailed, blowing a steady 20knots all afternoon. The old boat just couldn't take the pressure and with that tall rig and huge sail area she folded under the pressure. I hope to get to work on the repair this week. Loving this little boat. Tonnes of floor space for teaching the kids and also a very stable and forgiving boat under sail. The biggest issue is its upwind sailing ability. Could be the beat up sail which performs much like a bed sheet at the moment or simply the rig design. Not sure. I am pondering upgrading to a kevlar sail for next year with battens. That.....will make her faster and a better upwind performer. These shots are from Invermere, awesome day. The kids had a great day full of sun, wind and waves. They would have been on the boat

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