Sunday, August 16, 2009

Boat and Harbour Pics

"Swallow", our new boat, a Grampian 26...our new coastal cruiser.
The ultimate little fam boat...
The ultimate little harbour where she lives. That little bit of development is where the main liquor store and grocery store is on the island. There is camping immediately adjacent the moorage and there is a really nice looking restaurant and marina under new ownership. of the best disc golf courses in the west within a ten minute drive.

Boat moorage in the harbour on a glassy afternoon.


Sean Carter said...

dude! i was just there a few weeks ago, camping in the area you mentioned and shopping too!

great little harbour! have fun!

t.hudson said...

Ah, no shit. I was shut down on my trip to the coast. Had to remove three big trees from the fromnt yard that were threatening the house. You a water boy? Trip next spring?