Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crab Spider Enter Stage Left

I'm still scratching and extraordinarily wigged out by this thing that crawled across my lap about fifteen minutes ago. This is the closest I could find to what it looked like. I HATE!!!!!!!!!! spiders. I can't even think right now. Gotta go have a shower to make sure its not laying eggs in my skin or something equally gross. I hate being such a pussy when it comes to spiders but alas...everyone needs some neurotic uncontrollable fear.


David said...

yeeeccchhhh!!!! is your spidernoia directly proportional to spider size? I love my furry little buddies we get round the house, with their cute little blond legs and brown bodies, about a centimeter total legspan, for a large specimen? I go so far as to say hello, and pick them up if i have to move them to safer locations!!! At the same time I hear horror stories of the Australian huntsman spider which has a span the size of my hand!!!! freaks me out totally!!

t.hudson said...

Nope David in fact those cute little critters you so fondly place outside feel the wrath of my shoe. Just can't handle em. Actually....not entirely true. Little non descript guys and daddy long legs I can generally handle and even pick up the DLL's but that's where I draw the line. The rest....I'd rather have the mosquitos.