Sunday, March 8, 2009

Steelwool Bicycle Co.

Custom Polo wheel package with 48 hole ano green hubs laced to Deep V brown rims. $400 Cdn .
for the set. Mmmmmmm. yummy.
The classicly styled 2009 Tweed. Only comes as a frameset only but for $699
frame and fork that is a steal (steel) of a deal. Looks oh so beaut with the Brooks saddle
and leather grip tape.

Steelwool Bicycle Co.

Check out the new 2009 website for this Ottawa wonder brand. They aren'y making the sweet wool cycling caps anylonger. Really too bad. The new Tweed looks incredible. For $699 frame and fork for a steel rig it is hard to beat. These are all manufactured in Taiwan frames but are still offering custom rigs. I notice that they have a couple images of polo in the site. Its taking over the world! They only have three stock bikes now, all single speed setups. The cross bike from last year was quite sweet.

Have a look.

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