Friday, March 13, 2009

The 29'er Singlespeed bandwagon..I'm in!

There is so much fuss regarding teh ss 29'ers these days that I am feeling obligated to give one a try. I don't need to be convinced on the merits of the 29'er. I'm sold. And when I am going to purchasing my next MTB it is definately going to be one. Riding my cross bike as a XC bike for the past two years has taught me one very important thing.

1. I don't really need much suspension for XC riding in and around Golden

2. I love the way 700c wheels feel on trails for rolling over obstacles

3. I use one gear ONLY when I am in the Moonrakers on my cross bike.

It really makes me wonder if the SS 29'er is it. It would like to have the option to run a 1x9 setup in case the singlespeed thing doesn't work out. I have tried a couple variations and have yet to find that perfect combo on a MTB.

I really don't think that a custom 29 er frame is in the cards for me this summer, I'm saving for a custom cross frame regardless, but I might have found the bike that will do everything I'm looking's sexy!

I have ALWAYS loved Fisher bikes. I owned one about 14 years ago and really enjoyed it. It was steel. This one is an aluminum.......hmmmmmm. Maybe it is not the perfect bike (I am a huge steel fan) but here it is regardless. Presenting the Gary Fisher Rig.........tudum.


Anonymous said...

Yeah its sexy, but not as sexy as my rig will be in a few days, then you will be talking about heart stopping!

GenghisKhan said...

Just came across your post randomly. Looks like a nice choice, though if Gussy is gonna beat it, I'd be interested to see what he's got on deck!


t.hudson said...

Ho Genghis, I had No idea you were still around. All of that tyranny must have worn you out to need to get down with the SS. We'll see teh gussy rig. Its built as a polo ride from an old Norco Wolverine. I think he excited for teh name frame paint job. Mee too. I might have a frame to go get some new colour. What's your deal there genghis? where you at?

GenghisKhan said...

TH--Ho right back at ya. And yeah, still kickin' it. I'm in my 13th reincarnation and figured it's time to take the original name back. You know, Old School and all that. What's a tyrant to do, eh?

Current domicile is located in the US of A, in the state of Yoo-TAH. Not a bad place to plop down a yurt and whatnot. Great ridin', too.

Bike polo, eh? Hmmm, I'd stick with the Fisher, but to each his own--I've learned a few things in the past few centuries. Live and let live, live and let live.


t.hudson said...

His bike looks nice but not quite the same as a dedicated purpose built. That bike would never see the polo court!
I have an old converted Nishiki fixie for that. Hey, where in Utah, I've spent some time?

Keep up the pilaging!

Sean Carter said...

29r's are gooooooood. i have an original mt.tam 29r and it kicks ass!

welcome to the dark side!