Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2009 North American Handmade Bicycle Show Favs

Geekhouse is my fav fixie company and also has the best name. I would love to build a nice commuter out of one.
First probably ever produced specific polo bike by Waterford. looks
like circa 93 Trek 1000 frame. Don't really see the point. Sorry

I always forget this guys name but he has been spinning out these stunning swoopy builds for years. Specialized, Santa Cruz, Norco and all of the other bike companies that think they are innovating......sorry your bikes SUCK beside this gem.

Oh I could see myself riding along the canals in Amsterdam or the waterfront in Oslo on this beautiful single speed. Elegance at its finest. Chrome and powder blue make for a splendid marriage.

This winter commuter has all the class of a townie coupled with the durability and ride of a monster truck. Do I want one....not really but it is the best use of those rediculously stupid tires.

This is the bike show of bike shows. All of the best handbuilders from around the world make the trek to the US and show their wares. It is a droolathon for cycling geeks and this year was no let down. Have a look.

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