Saturday, July 11, 2009

F U Greyhound Loading Dock Guy!

I found an pic of my old p21 and am today feeling a little bit sad and bitter that I never got the chance to ride this sweetest of sweet bikes at the Moab 24hr back in, oh.....1994. En route, this bike along with a Turner Burner painted in Ritchey colours (oh man...that thing would be worth so much money today in a collection) were stolen in Chicago on the way out to Grand Junction.

That is we shall say...was the end of my racing career. Crap! Mmmm this bike is so lovely. This was taken prior to mounting my Mag 21 Ti. All totalled this bike weighed in at 21.2 lbs. It was THE lightest bike I've ridden. I miss you P.


David said...

what a gorgeous bike, shame about the loss.... And the mag 21 ti was a hot fork, owned one myself for close to 8 years before it finally blew apart.

t.hudson said...

Hey David, I hope you are still out riding hard. Had a look at your profile looks like you lead a busy blogging life. Holy Cow. Yup, that bike sure was awesome. Its OK though, I am happy on my recent rides too!